Sunday, December 30, 2007

30 week

Well I am late in writing yet again because I have been a lot bit busy and a little bit angry. Anne came Thursday and couldn't get a feel for the baby's head. After a lot of massaging and checking location of the heart and feet, we were both pretty sure that baby is breech. She wanted to be certain and to check fluid level for possibly flipping the baby so I went on Friday for an ultrasound. Sure enough, he is transverse, head under my right ribs, tummy down bottom and feet over to the left. FLuid level is good, baby is measuring 3lbs 12oz, and it is still a boy :)

So now I am just mad.....mad at him for not being head down, mad at myself for slouching or sitting in a recliner, or sleeping on my right side, whatever I have done to make him breech and a little mad a God for taking away the perfection of my pregnancy and the beauty of having a stressfree 10months plus birth. Mad at the slight of chance that he isn't going to turn and it either risks me out of homebirth or forces me into a birth I am completely NOT prepared for. Mad that now I have to spend part of my day head down hips up to make him flip, or attach earplugs to my lower belly to make him come closer, mad that I have to go back to a chiropracter I use to see but stopped because she wasn't so nice anymore and she is the only one in the area certified in the Webster technique to flip babies, mad that I have to do research to make him flip period. I want my stress free no worries pregnancy back. I know, I know, I have 10 weeks until delivery. plenty of time, but I want him flipped now! Maybe next week I won't be so mad about this :/

A. on Christmas playing with her baby care set.

J. playing with his stamp set.

M. putting on make up

2 sets of cousins, one from NC, one from ID, whom we haven't seen in 3 and 4 years. they went on a Disney cruise then came to stay in Orlando for 4 days so we drove over to see them at The Contempory Hotel and swam in the pool and went out to dinner. It was a great visit, just wish they lived closer.

Friday, December 21, 2007

what week am I?

I wish I could say but I think 28/29 weeks. I get 2 different email updates for my 2 different EDDs so I always get confused at how far along I am! I feel so much smaller this time than my last 3 but I know he will sprout out very quickly!

super busy and soooooo tired of being sick! I had a sinus infection 2 weeks ago followed by laryngitis for 4 days followed by another sinus infection. You know I hate going to the dr. and really don't care for antibiotics either but if this is still around after Christmas, I have to go. This is just not going away on its own, grrr.

M's school Christmas party was on Thursday...she had a great time and was happy to sleep in this morning! She went to bed at 6:30 and didn't wake up until after 9 am!!! J's school called me Thursday morning and told me to come get him.....there were some cases of pink eye in his class this week and his teacher said his eyes look bad. When I went to get him they had one speck of crust but I took him to the dr. anyways and got him drops. He is fine today and went to school of a half day and they had holiday activities all day. Tonight we went across the street for a birthday party for Jesus....had pizza and the kids all played then we went caroling around the neighborhood, only to 4 houses. The kids of course had a blast, this is the third year we have done it and there were a lot more kids this year than before. 2 years ago A. was just born and it was freezing....this year, we could've worn shorts.

Tomorrow in the morning we are going over to grandma's house to help her decorate Christmas cookies and then at 1:00, me, M, and my mom are going to the tea room on Ybor City. I have not been to this one before and I think it has been almost a year since even the last time I have been to tea. M is super excited about going! John has to be at the preschool in the morning to help break down the old play ground since the school is getting a new one over the break. The fundraisers were very successful for this $20k play set they are getting.

It is very nice to have been done with shopping early this year. I haven't had the stress that always comes along with it, no worries at all now! My next door neighbor went to the mall today and she said it took her over an hour just to get out of the parking lot!!!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

My little reindeer....Saturday was the annual Christmas firetruck ride with Santa in the inlaws neighborhood...the same neighborhood they have lived in for 30 years and the same tradition that John and his brother grew up doing. The kids love it and look forward to it every year, especially getting to ride on top of the firetruck. There is also a cookie party afterwards that Santa comes to and gives everyone a gift (one that a parent/grandparent has brought down ahead of time) J and M both got a set of 50 markers and A got a colorwonder Dora set.....they all LOVE them, thanks Bonnie, um I mean Santa :)

I decided I should take some pictures of the itty bitty dipes....I only have 2 kissaluvs....they weren't my favorite last time but they are perfect for taking newborn I bought them right after I found out I was pregnant. It seemed like the thing to do :) In the basket are 10 small fuzzibunz ( all stuffed with MOE inserts) and 2 small magicalls aio, sorry little boy, one is pink that I bought early on! These smalls look so big compared to my other smalls but I know with A she wore them until 3-4 months old.

These are small Baby Soft Dreams pockets...just like the FBs only smaller so these will be perfect for the beginning. I need to find inserts for these.

These were my last to of the new Bummis super brites in small and 2 XS thirsties.....LOVE these thirsties....never had one before but they look like they will be perfect for that runny breastmilk poo. I will definately get more of these in higher sizes. I also have a couple of other old school Bummis, a pull on Bummis, a couple of proraps, a wool aristocrat cover which I'll probably never use, a stacinator so simple cover which looks great, I just don't really "do" fitteds, a couple, dozen infant prefolds, an unknown AIO, the 3 very baby pockets I just posted about, and I think that is it. I feel prepared because I know I love pockets and I'll be doing the bulk of the diaper changing....I wish I could get more VB pockets because John does better with aplix but those I will get in higher sizes. I really just need some inserts.

Family picture

John's dad works at a place that sells RVs of all sizes and prices...this one was awesome at only $275,000!! John and I can't wait to reach a point in our life when we can afford one, even cheaper....we love to travel and so do the kids.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

27/28 week

We had to start our day at the mall doing some finishing up on shopping. A. got to ride the mermaid "hee haw" with her daddy. She was in love!
here she was playing in the booth at the food court....we stopped for pretzel bites, yummy!! I was very happy to see that I had left my camera in the diaper bag.

Anne came yesterday for my appt. I had to eat only protein for breakfast and when she got to my house I had to drink 2 cups of grape juice, way better than glucerna! We did my appt. weight was up 5 lbs, BP normal, A. had to help with the BP cuff and the doppler gel! HB was good, she tried to feel position and she is almost positive he is head down, I feel all the hiccups down bottom but she got the best heartbeat from his back over on my right rib cage. She also gave my belly a mayan massage, said it is too help the ligaments stretch properly and that she has heard that it helps to reduce labor time. She wants me or John to do it did feel good and it did help with my breathing too which has been hard to catch a good breath. A had to help with that too! I need to keep another diet chart this week and we are now on an every 2 week schedule already!!! We also went over what I need to order for my homebirth kit, it's not too bad, only $44 plus I need to get a liner for the aquadoula tub. There are a couple other odds and ends I'll need but I don't need it all until 36 weeks. I am excited to order it just to be prepared but I know I have time! After an hour of doing all that, she drew my blood for GTT and hemoglobin. I see her again right after Christmas and the kids will be out of school...they love to help!

Bought these awhile back and they were under my Christmas present pile...great deal from TCP and they are soft, only $4 each!

M had chosen Tinkerbell to be the angel for the nativity scene! I swear these girls have played with this set more than their doll house lately! Oh and our tree fell in the middle of the night 2 nights ago....scared the crap out of John he jumped out of bed so fast he pulled a muscle! The tree actually looks better this time around pushed all the way into the corner. I blocked the corner too to keep the cat out...I think he was the one who knocked the tree down to start with.

Just had to throw in a picture of lazy J right after school. He was being moody and did not want his picture taken!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

mid week

After school on Thursday we dressed quickly and ran to the mall for Santa pictures. Thank goodness there was no line! There were only 2 families in front of us so we only waited a few minutes. I took some pics of the kids while we waited so hopefully I could catch a good one for our Christmas card. None of them were great, hard to do with 3 sets curious eyes, but you can still get the jist :) They all 3 did really good with Santa even smiling well! They each got a gingerbread cookie afterwards and I went next door and rewarded myself for a job well done at Starbucks with a grande vanilla iced latte with whipped cream (decaf, ugh)

Here is our decorated tree this year. With the sun coming in it was really hard to get a good picture but I will have to take another one ar night to see some of the ornaments. The kids all helped an I had to keep reminding myself that this is not a decorating showcase, just let them put the ornaments where they want! I did have to keep telling them only one per branch!

Ahhh, these arrived in the mail today....I am in LOVE. These are by far the highest quality WAHMade diaper I have ever owned. The green one on the right is monkey cute! I need to get all my dipes down and get a collective picture....I am almost done with the small diaper stash....I just need about 7-8 inserts for pockets, I want a couple of thirsties newborn sizes and probably 2 of the new Bummis superbrites. I am ordering those Monday or Tuesday from since she is stocking them all and having free shipping! Then I'll be done with diapers! I will need to add some boy colors in mediums since a lot of my med. are girly since A is still in that size and will never be in larges. I am most definately order some more of the top dipes in mediums for baby boy.

Just a little pic of A looking mad at me for taking her picture! She was trying to concentrate on the nativity scene.

Coming up on Tuesday is my glucose test and my iron test with Anne. NOT looking forward to the GTT. I have never tested postive before but I do eat a lot of sugar :X and am slightly worried about that. Sunday and Monday I am on strict no sugar so as to not effect the test. I went today to Dr. Kruse for an adjustment of the horrible pubic bone pain I was having for the last 3 days...he cured me! Gave me some stretches to do to loosen it up a little. It has actually been about 6 weeks since last time I was in and I have been doing really well....we'll see how good the 3rd trimester is to my spine.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

26/27 weeks

Sorry about it being helpers kept knocking the camera! A is obsessed with giving the baby kisses and if she sees my bare belly, she attacks :)
Johnny threw up on the school bus today right before his stop. I had to run to our house from the bus stop to grab kitty litter for the driver to put on it. Not very fun making a pregnant girl run while traffic is backing up!! He said he had a tummy ache and was sent to the office but I never got a call and they just put him on the bus instead @@
John and I have been going crazy every morning this week trying to catch up and finish all the Christmas shopping. I AM SO TIRED. I have been having to stay up late to catch up on all the chores backing up around the house from the daytime. I need a housekeeper during the holidays. Or someone to do all the shopping for me.
Friday I am going to a party for the girls at church, an Italian dinner plus ornament exchange plus cookie exchange....can I say yummy to all! John was supposed to close that night so I asked my parents to keep the kids but now his schedule changed again so he is off! We will probably go out after my party. M starts gymanstics again Saturday morning and J had started last Monday. They have been begging to go again and this is a short month so I went ahead. J says he wants to start karate after Christmas so we need to find a good inexpensive place to sign up. M is just happy with ballet and gym right now.

Friday, November 30, 2007

25/26 weeks

Nothing to report in the baby dept...he has flipped inside so I don't feel his kicks as often as I did but I will feel an occasional push and lots of hiccups. I wish he would flip back soon, it is much more reasssuring.

My 30th Birthday was wonderful...just as I wanted, we spent the whole day at Disney world. We got to Ft. Wilderness Sunday afternoon and went to see the gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian and the kids got to watch the fireworks from the monorail. John arrived later that night and we got to bed early so we could get up early. Johnny was running a fever all day and night so we kept giving him IB to feel better. He went to the dr. Sunday but they could find nothing wrong.

We had a wonderful time at the park. It was hot and there were a lot more people there than last year for this time of year but overall, lines weren;t too bad and we got to ride and see everything we had wanted. I even talked the kids into going on the Haunted Mansion, something they had always refused! The night parade and fireworks are always the highlight of the trip and A was super impressed with the princess shoe in the middle of the day! I love being at Disney so much and the kids were wonderful angels all day but exhausted!!

Tomorrow we are going out to buy our tree. CHurch is also having its Advent festival and during the day we are going to put lights up outside. Then Sunday after church we need to go have entire family pictures taken and then to my parents for my birthday party. This is going to be another great weekend....have I told you how much I love my life :))

Saturday, November 24, 2007

24/25 weeks

I am late again so I am just posting now even though I am at 25w. Thanksgiving was great, ate too much but everyone had a good time, esp. the kids. I had my appt with Anne also the other day, I am measuring at 25.5 weeks, heartbeat was in the 140s, weight gain was 5, bp was normal. J and M got to meet Anne for the first time since there was no school and M helped with putting the gel on the doppler. Baby has been getting hiccups a lot so lungs are starting to work :) Next appt I will have my iron checked, I am sure it is low, and my GTT. She is also going to give me all the info to order my birth kit!!! How exciting!! We did stop into a baby shop last week and found a solid cherry crib for $125....I had to get it because it was such a great price and we really needed a new one. A never had one and she took all her naps in the playpen but it was hard and she always would wake up on the trip to the ground :) So I wanted a new one for baby boy and I got mom also bought me a new bedding set for the crib for my was all I could think of that I wanted! I will post pictures after we set it up.

We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for Fort Widerness for 3 days to stay in the RV. We will be at Disney for my Birthday on Monday and then do some shopping Tuesday...I want to see Ikea which they just opened 2 weeks ago....never been to one and I am looking forward to it!

I am getting close to finishing my Christmas shopping and that cc is already ready for me to be done! Maybe in the next week we can put up our lights outside and hopefully get a tree in the next 2 weeks.

When we get back from Disney I will update some more :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My new 2 year old

She is little on the sick side and was way more interested in watching Blues CLues that she was in looking at me but she is still beautiful!

23 weeks

I just love how the light was in this picture that I had to add it also. I have been out of breath a lot this week and you can see how much higher my belly has gotten, it is squishing my lungs!
Today is A's birthday and I am so proud to be her mom. My life has been so fulfilled with her sweat and loving personality and I have felt most completed by her being born. I can't image not having her, she is so much fun, and loving and charming to all she comes in contact with. Happy Birthday peanut.

Friday, November 9, 2007

wrong number

sorry, my last post was supposed to say 22 weeks..I am getting ahead of myself :P

23 weeks

23 weeks, no update, super busy...the weather is finally beautiful and nice everyday so we are spending every minute we can outside. Not to mention it gets dark so early now so the kids have been going to bed even earlier, really nice.

Friday, November 2, 2007

21 weeks

Yes, I am behind. It has been a very busy week with something going on every single day. But I'm not complaining, I love it!
Here is my 21 week picture. Not sure if you can see but the stretch marks are really starting to pop out again. I wonder if this baby will add more to the mix, most likely!

Here are the kids getting ready to go Trick or treating in my in laws neighborhood. Our neighborhood is only 32 houses and most of the kids around us leave to go to their churches so we always go over there. M is dressed s Ariel, A is a monkey although she was called a boy(even though I put a big yellow bow on one of the ears!), a lion, and scooby doo, and
J is a transformer. John and I didn't dress up this year although I should've been a big pumpkin!

Here is M in her class for her fall festival party. It was such a nice day and she did all the activities and seemed to have a good time. She really just liked having me all to herself for a couple hours!

We always go to the same pumpkin patch every year for some nice pictures at sunset. This year and last year we didn't go until the day before Halloween so they didn't have much to choose from nor enough for the kids to sit on. At least they had their hay stack still up. It is near impossible to get 3 kids to all look at the camera at the same time esp. without making weird faces but we keep trying.

We had J's bday party at our house on Sunday and we scaled down on the number of people we invited and it turned out so much nicer. We kept it short and sweet and did a halloween theme which was cool to decorate for. Here are some spooky deviled eggs that I didn't want to make because they were so time consuming but John insisted and I am glad he did, they were a big hit.

Here you can see calzones looking like mummies and in the back is monster toes(pigs in a blanket) and a caterpillar which was meatballs wrapped in biscuits with legs and eyeballs to complete the look. We also had punch with a hand floating in that was just a glove that we stuffed with gummy worms and ice and froze it so it would float. The kids loved it. I also did this for M's class party but I think it freaked out all the 4 year olds more so!

The kids were so nicely making halloween frames in the backyard.

For John's 30th birthday, we went to Orlando where I surprised him with a helicopter ride over Disney parks, malls, sea world, all the nice hotels etc. Nito came down and went with him. John rode over the whole time with a blindfold because he wanted to be surprised. He was! he said it was awesome so I did good this year! It's hard to surprise him! Afterwards we went to Old Town where everyone met up with us and had dinner then walked around and all the kids go to ride rides. It was a beautiful night and all were exhausted on the way home!

Me, A, and John with his cake Bonnie made him.

My kids and Lauren and PopPop

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

20 weeks

I don't know why it turned out so blurry because it looked fine when I took it. Oh well, it takes too long to upload on this site so it will stay as my 20 week picture! I had my home visit yesterday with the MW and all is well....I am measuring one week ahead which is normal for all my babies and even the second ultrasound put myEDD at 3-8 but she is still going to keep me at 3/12-14. I gained 6 lbs this month putting me at 22 lbs, again, very normal for me! Actually that is less than my other 3 pregnancies so I celebrated with a milkshake :P
All in all I am really starting to feel human again, not so tired this week and just a little bit of crabby. I did return to the gym this week which seems to help give me a break for being a mom for awhile and just sweat! This weekend is going to be jam packed, thursday I am helping at the church, Friday J has a field trip, sat J's school is having a carnival, sat night we are doing John's birthday surprse getaway, Sunday morning I have to work in the church nursery, and Sunday is J's birthday party and also my mom's actual birthday! WHEW! This weekend every year is always a killer for me and my checking account. I did start Christmas shopping today and although my list is finished I still have a long way and hundreds of dollars to go to be done!
Gotta love a west coast Florida sunset!

J. and M. blowing bubbles at Tammy's wedding on the beach this last weekend.

A. pouting about something, not sure what!

Me and John taking a self portrait on the beach at sunset. It was a beautiful night and the perfect weather for a beach wedding.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

19 weeks

I feel pregnant. Big fat no energy hungry all the time bitchy pregnant.ugh. Maybe because I haven't been to the gym in a week? Maybe because I crave bread all day long which always makes me sluggish? And of course I eat it. Does it sound like I am complaining? I really am enjoying this pregnancy, it just seems like I have crappy feeling days more than good days. I think these boy pregnancies are harder on my body. I always felt great with the girls of course I didn't know I was having girls but I was so happy with them.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

18 weeks

Can you see it?!!! A penis!!!!!!!

We have a perfectly formed baby! All parts are in the right places and working as they should! And here is my belly today.

I was so nervous this morning and so afraid we would get cancelled or moved back or something would be wrong with the insurance....AND I had to pee soooooooooo bad! They were really only 20 behind but when you have to pee, that is a long time! The tech spent probably 30 minutes measuring everything and taking pictures and then asked if we cared about the gender. I had thought I saw a penis a couple of times but was thinking that was positive thinking and I was just wishing there was one! Sure enough she went between the legs and there it was, plain as day! I was so happy I started crying and if you know me, I don't cry about much but this was so overwhelming. I knew I wanted another boy but didn't realize I wanted one so badly. I had had a feeling since after A was born that I was meant to have another boy and now that premonition is coming true....I am beyond blessed :*)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I put M's tutu on A for the first time and she was in love! She left it on for an hour.

Definately a pop out this week!