Saturday, December 8, 2007

mid week

After school on Thursday we dressed quickly and ran to the mall for Santa pictures. Thank goodness there was no line! There were only 2 families in front of us so we only waited a few minutes. I took some pics of the kids while we waited so hopefully I could catch a good one for our Christmas card. None of them were great, hard to do with 3 sets curious eyes, but you can still get the jist :) They all 3 did really good with Santa even smiling well! They each got a gingerbread cookie afterwards and I went next door and rewarded myself for a job well done at Starbucks with a grande vanilla iced latte with whipped cream (decaf, ugh)

Here is our decorated tree this year. With the sun coming in it was really hard to get a good picture but I will have to take another one ar night to see some of the ornaments. The kids all helped an I had to keep reminding myself that this is not a decorating showcase, just let them put the ornaments where they want! I did have to keep telling them only one per branch!

Ahhh, these arrived in the mail today....I am in LOVE. These are by far the highest quality WAHMade diaper I have ever owned. The green one on the right is monkey cute! I need to get all my dipes down and get a collective picture....I am almost done with the small diaper stash....I just need about 7-8 inserts for pockets, I want a couple of thirsties newborn sizes and probably 2 of the new Bummis superbrites. I am ordering those Monday or Tuesday from since she is stocking them all and having free shipping! Then I'll be done with diapers! I will need to add some boy colors in mediums since a lot of my med. are girly since A is still in that size and will never be in larges. I am most definately order some more of the top dipes in mediums for baby boy.

Just a little pic of A looking mad at me for taking her picture! She was trying to concentrate on the nativity scene.

Coming up on Tuesday is my glucose test and my iron test with Anne. NOT looking forward to the GTT. I have never tested postive before but I do eat a lot of sugar :X and am slightly worried about that. Sunday and Monday I am on strict no sugar so as to not effect the test. I went today to Dr. Kruse for an adjustment of the horrible pubic bone pain I was having for the last 3 days...he cured me! Gave me some stretches to do to loosen it up a little. It has actually been about 6 weeks since last time I was in and I have been doing really well....we'll see how good the 3rd trimester is to my spine.

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