Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well, I feel a bit better about my midwife search. Come to find out a lot of midwives n Florida are turning in their licenses because of a crap load of issues! I have an appt. with Anne on Monday and then an appt. with Labor of Love (with whom I had my last baby) in August.

I am feeling great all be it a bit tired everyday but I can handle that. I don't ususally have too much sickness but my 2nd pregnancy was the hardest, the last was a breeze. I am still working out 3-4 times a week and that may be helping me to stay energized and not sick....I don't even have sore boobs, even when A nurses? Am I just looking for something to worry about?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How have I already gained 3 lbs???? I am still eating very healthfully, still exercising like crazy, and yet where did these pounds come from???? The baby is like the size of this "O" yet it has made me gain 3 lbs!!! I swear sometimes hormones piss me off,lol! Already my pants are feeling a little too tight on my waist and I am looking to getting a belly band! Crazy I tell you.

The kids are at VBS this week and it is giving me and A a little time together and a rest time for me. I have a major headache today and need to go to the chiro so bad but for some reason they upped my copay out of the blue AND will no longer cover massage therapy! This is not the time to do this to me. When I was preggo with A, I was at the chiro twice a week and it was the best pregnancy ever because of how it made me feel to get the massage and get adjusted. Already it the past week my lower spine has slipped to my left and hurts to stand or lay down. Only sitting is bearable. So I left them a message and am waiting to hear back. I might have to change chiros to go back to the other massage girl I used to have.

J and M have a dr. check up today and I am hoping there are no shots. I need to get their forms done for school so that we can get J registered for school in August.

It has been soooooo completely hot, it is hard to be outside at all! John and I did yard work for like 2 hours yesterday and I was miserable with the heat....when is November??

Friday, July 6, 2007


We got up this morning and went to the ymca then came home, got ready and went out to my parents' for the afternoon. We had cubans for lunch then the kids went out and danced in the rain! They had such a blast and then the girls did singing on the back porch...all in all, a good visit :)

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I wanted to test again on Tuesday since AF still was a no show. I had John wake me up before he left for work at 5:30 so we could do it together, boy was that early, I couldn't even see straight.

Peed on the stick and layed it there for a couple of minutes before we looked....there was only one line so I went back to bed and dh left for work. When I got up at about 8:00 I went back into the bathroom and looked at the test and the second line was there! I called John but was still pretty cautious about being excited maybe maybe the test was a fluke? We decided to get more tests and redo it on Wednesday morning, 4th of July.

When I got up, John had already left to go park the truck out to have a good spot for the parade. I asked him how long until he got back because I really had to pee and wanted to do the test. He told me to go ahead and test so I did and it was positive instantly.

I am beyond thrilled! I don't know when we will tell our parents though. My mom and papa will be super excited for us but John's dad will probably roll his eyes or something and his mom will act like she is exhausted by the thought of having another grandchild but don't get me started on that right now.

Anyways, I think my edd will be March 12th but I will proabably go past that. I am excited to be planning for this baby to be born at home also!!

Monday, July 2, 2007


Soooo, I couldn't wait until Monday (today) and ended up testing on Saturday night....BFN.

Still no show on AF. My face is breaking out like crazy which it hasn't done in a very long time so hormones must be up high which is good. My fertility friend chart is saying that I ovulated on cd16 and so I am 11 dpo....I always have 25 day cycles and right now it is cd27...I really don't know what to think....maybe hormones aren't high enough for a test or maybe this is just a weird month and af will show?? ANyhow, I am now testing again on Wed, 4th of July, first thing in the morning.

Today, me and the kids went downtown to meet my mom for lunch. We went to Ybor for lunch and the kids split a cuban while we had spanish bean soup and deviled crabs, yummmy! The rain is horrid today. The electricity went off 3 times today at the house and the lightening was so bad. I had to drive 25 mph all the way home the rain was so thick.

Well, John should be on his way home from work and I am thinking pizza hut for dinner will be great tonight! I didn't cook and it doesn't look like it will happen now!