Wednesday, September 26, 2007

16 weeks

I am now 16 weeks and Anne comes today for my prenatal....have I told you how wonderful it is to have someone come to MY house for an appt??!! The only thing I have to do is clean up a traffic, no childcare, no gas money wasted, no running to appt. and not missing picking up a kid at school! Plus, I can weigh myself first thing in the AM with no clothes on and then I just tell her! Hopefully today she can find the heartbeat with no problem. I know baby is okay because I feel a little thump here and there to let me know :) I will update with a pic after she leaves.

My day yesterday...wake up to A eating cat food in the kitchen, then go into the girls' room to see that the cat has thrown up on the carpet, I forgot to clean it up right away so next time I go into the room, I step on it, gross! That's what I get for not being on top of it. J wakes up with a fever so he stays home from school, M tells me she has a headache and her ear hurts so she stays home from school. Luckily I was getting my hair done yesterday so I did get a nice 2 hour break away while Bonnie watched them for me. Nice color, great cut. Get home finally and A takes a 3 hour nap and wakes up and throws up ALL evening long. Luckily I caugt every one into a towel so cleanup was quick. J takes a nap and he pees his bed so I have to strip his sheets in between throw ups from A. M's ear is still hurting so I have to keep putting drops into it. John cooked dinner last night since I was stuck on the couch holding A so we didn't eat until almost 7:30. All the kids went to bed easily so I was happy when we could sit down, do nothing and watch the Biggest Loser :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Here is my 15 week picture. I was just so much heavier when I started my last 2 pregnancies that this doesn't even look pregnant to me!

I tried to scan my 15 week picture of A but my scanner is flipping out on me so maybe next week will work :)

I am so behind on writing! I am now 16 weeks this week but am just now posting my 14 week picture! Not much there which is so weird since I am always showing so much more by now. I just look like I ate too much dinner! I also hate all my maternity clothes! All the ones I have from before are way too big for me since I lost so much weight since after A. I went to Kohl's and Motherhood and Target but can't find anything I like much. It doesn't get cold enough here for all the winter clothes they are selling and my boobs are too big for all the cute summer tops they have on sale! I am gonna try to get to Old Navy this week and see what they have, hopefully I'll have better luck there.
Well, I am absolutely settled that I want to know the sex. I was very unsure but am now looking forward to it. Anne comes to my house for my prenatal this Wednesday and hopefully we can set an ultrasound date then...she said 18-20 weeks so I am close to that.
John and I went to Orlando for 2 days this past week while my mom kept the kids for a day and John's mom another day. IT WAS WONDERFUL! We sat by the pool both days and just read magazines and ate every meal out! What a luxury! We have never been on a trip just the 2 of us before(not even our honeymoon) so it was long overdue. We also went to a pirate dinner show which was pretty cool that would have scared the crap out of the kids! Then we headed to Downtown Disney for coffee and he had beer. We even slept in until 9:00 then headed out to Waffle House, yummy! Afterwards we went to one of the outlets and got John several new work shirts and ties to start his new job. I feel in love with some Clarke sandals but couldn't make myself spend the money with fall right on us. Of course every family we saw made us miss the kids and wish they were with us but it was so nice to be able to reconnect with John and share conversations or just even quiet time. Very relaxing and hopefully we can do it more often than 6 years!
John started his new job Friday and so far so good. He will be in training until December and will hopefully stay there when he is done with training. He has off this next weekend so we are possibly gonna take the kids to Fort Wilderness or the condo on the beach, whichever is open. They are looking for a vacation too!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Of course......Anne (MW) just called and said that our insurance is accepting her and so they will pay 80% after $500 deduct. That should be great news except John just got a new job and starts in 2 weeks so our insurance changes. This better be worth it!

I can't get out of my funk lately again. I don't feel sick anymore, just so tired all the time, day and night even when I get 10 hours of sleep. I just want to lay on the couch all day but I have to get up and entertain 3 whittles. Even when I go to the gym and exercise I still feel like crap...when does this feeling end? Again, God making sure I don't want to feel this way ever again and I am pretty sure that's okay with me :)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

wanted to add some pics

M, L, A, and J on vacation at the condo on the beach. It was such a great weekend, mine and John's 6th anniversary also.
My little mermaids and half of my husband

We spent a very hot afternoon at Weekee Watchee seeing the real mermaids underwater.

This is our king size with a platform bed the size of a crib on the side.