Wednesday, September 26, 2007

16 weeks

I am now 16 weeks and Anne comes today for my prenatal....have I told you how wonderful it is to have someone come to MY house for an appt??!! The only thing I have to do is clean up a traffic, no childcare, no gas money wasted, no running to appt. and not missing picking up a kid at school! Plus, I can weigh myself first thing in the AM with no clothes on and then I just tell her! Hopefully today she can find the heartbeat with no problem. I know baby is okay because I feel a little thump here and there to let me know :) I will update with a pic after she leaves.

My day yesterday...wake up to A eating cat food in the kitchen, then go into the girls' room to see that the cat has thrown up on the carpet, I forgot to clean it up right away so next time I go into the room, I step on it, gross! That's what I get for not being on top of it. J wakes up with a fever so he stays home from school, M tells me she has a headache and her ear hurts so she stays home from school. Luckily I was getting my hair done yesterday so I did get a nice 2 hour break away while Bonnie watched them for me. Nice color, great cut. Get home finally and A takes a 3 hour nap and wakes up and throws up ALL evening long. Luckily I caugt every one into a towel so cleanup was quick. J takes a nap and he pees his bed so I have to strip his sheets in between throw ups from A. M's ear is still hurting so I have to keep putting drops into it. John cooked dinner last night since I was stuck on the couch holding A so we didn't eat until almost 7:30. All the kids went to bed easily so I was happy when we could sit down, do nothing and watch the Biggest Loser :)

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