Thursday, February 18, 2010

A time for pictures

All weight loss and blood work and all boring seriousness aside, it is time for some updated pictures! Besides, losing weight sucks when you only have a few pounds to go and it takes a year and your still in the same spot for NO apparent reason, geez. Yeah, a little bitter.

Anyways, my parents use to live about 30 minutes away and now they live 3 minutes away, hooray! These first 3 pictures were at their last house on our last visit there.

Madeline inherited this plant, you know because my mom was trying to get stuff out of her house and since we have a smallish house with 6 people and 2 animals, we have all the room in the world for such nonsense. I am this close <> to throwing that thing out (as soon as Madeline is not looking)
Johnny can never take a serious picture, must be the age, hence why I never any to post of him!

Ian was stuffing his face with a cuban sitting on his favorite ride, John Deere

Melt my heart, this boy idolizes his daddy

Ava's preschool class party for Valentine's day....a rare photo of me :)


Ava's best friend, Evan. Oh how I hope they marry one day

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Blood results are in and I am normal! Ha, that's funny!

My overall cholesterol is fine but my LDL is too high and my HDL is too low, confusing huh?!

Thyroid and blood sugar and vitamins are all normal. My bread free days lasted 3 then superbowl party and a birthday party hit me sooooo I am now on day 3 again of no bread. So far so good. Through the course of this most recent experiment, I have learned some very important lessons that I might have otherwise missed: 1. If I start off my day with cereal, I crave a sandwich or pasta for lunch; if I start with eggs, I crave more protein in the day. 2. I CANNOT have just one bite of candy/chocolate/ice cream etc. If I never put it in my mouth to begin with, I actually don't want it and the moment passes. 3. Sugar makes me super cranky, makes me hate myself, and makes me angry towards the kids. 4. Eating a bread product makes my stomach puffy and my pants tight. I am craving a lot of water right now 5. I am actually now following the simply filling program of WW without the cereal/bread; who knew? 6. I have cut down on so many fruits and have replaced those servings with veggies, turns out I was still getting too much natural sugar from fruits. 7. For the first time in many many months I feel in control! That my friends is a major accomplishment!

Monday, February 1, 2010


I lost a pound (you know, of the 3 that I have gained!) John is working mids for the month of February so I will be able to go to every weight watchers meeting this month since he can take Ava to school instead of me. I love to exercise in the am before I get on the scale so for this month, I can! Yesterday worked out great with no sugar/bread, I actually ate quite a bit and didn't have any headaches or feel hungry/deprived at all. We'll see how this week goes, I have many mantras I am repeating to myself like : "I am worth this" "The cravings will pass" "I will never be this weight again" and so on.....I am really trying to work on my mental attitude and how I talk to myself and try to have a more positive attitude instead of trash talking myself everyday.

My parents moved over the weekend from plant city to a mile away! I am so excited they are closer, we have already been there everyday since they moved. Ian definitely loves it since he is a little obsessed with his Papa. The girls love the new house because there are more rooms and more places to explore and hide! I love that they love to help out with the kids and will keep them anytime!

Anyways, waiting to hear about my blood results, I'll update when I hear