Saturday, January 26, 2008

34 weeks

I almost hate to even say it or write it down but baby boy is back head down!!!!! Anne came to my prenatal appt on Thursday and I told her I thought he had flipped again because I had been sick. She felt around and thought for sure she felt his head down but his heartbeat indicated he was up. She wanted me to go get a couple more adjustments of Webster and she is coming back over on Tuesday to check him again. If she can't tell, she will send me for another sonogram.
On a good note, BP was normal, weight gain was 0 for a change, urine was fine. I had been sick with a stomach virus for 2 days this week which was pure hell....especially when both girls were also sick and I had to peel myself off the couch to clean up throw up and massive poopy diapers. Luckily M. is fast enough to run to the toilet every time! The only good thing was they were more than willing to take naps with me and that is pretty much all we did. But after 2 days of it, b.b. was head up and my hips were on fire from laying on them so much. Wednesday I went for a massage with my therapist (a whole hour, oh my, heaven!)and she worked out every kink and build up in my body, even the rocks I have been having in my calves from Charley horses. Now today J. has been running a high fever but nothing else so maybe he is just fighting it off. John was up all night last night throwing up and then had to work all day today :(
Thursday night we went to a Lighting Game and sat ALL the way up TOP! That's what you get with free tickets! The kids didn't care and it was actually pretty easy to follow the game from up there. We only stayed for a period because it was getting late and J. and M. had school Friday. We did let them sleep in a bit and signed them in late at school.
Friday we wanted to take the kids down to Apollo Beach to see the manatees this year since it has been cold. We saw about 50 of them and they were so close to the pier, the kids loved it, especially the babies. After that we met some neighbors down at Channelside Bay Plaza and did some bowling. I didn't bowl, but did get some yummy homemade cheesecake from the candy shop next door!! There was even a Navy Band playing in the courtyard and I thought the lead singer looked so familiar but I couldn't place him....until 11:00 that night. It was
American Idol Season Six Top 24 Contestant Phil Stacey!!!! The band was great and he was amazing. The kids had a wonderful time that night between the bowling, the music and ice cream afterwards. Our neighbors kids and mine get along so well, they just chased each other around. Even M. always play with them!

M., J., neighbor girl, most of A.'s face
This week looks to be another busy one too. Monday M.'s class is going to the park for a teddy bear picnic so John and I are doing that. Then afterwards I have another webster adjustment at the chiro. Anne comes Tuesday. And sometime this week I need to get the kids into see the dentist. They are way overdue and I need to do it before b.b. arrives. I'll check back in mid week :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

33 weeks

My poor skin already looks like it is stretched to the limit. With each baby, I get stretch marks in a different zone...wonder where baby boy will leave his marks?

After my last chiro appt. a week and a half ago, he has been very good and stayed head down. Last night I started getting body aches and my neck was on fire and I just knew sickness was taking ahold of me. Apparently he didn't like all that tenseness and flipped head up. He wanted to be near his mommy. We went out with another couple down the street from us for dinner and I probably should have just stayed in bed. With the kids gone, I got to sleep in until almost 9:30, only the sound of my MIL's voice on the answering machine woke me up. I need the sleep and today started out pretty yucky but I succumbed and went and bought tylenol sinus. I do feel better but know this is going to hang around awhile unless I get on antibiotics (UGH!)

Our neighbors having been trying for 2 years to have a baby. After a year of testing, they know they are fine and healthy and have unexplained infertility. They want a baby so desperately bad. Anyways, she was in fashion design and had made this dress and was just waiting for someone to give it to. She didn't want to sell it because she said it was such a labor of love. We just recently began hanging out and she adores my kids. She totally understands our way of life and thinking and doesn't even flinch. Anyways, M. was very much in love with the dress.

Poor thing has been throwing up all day. She wanted to wear this so bad and loved it but she was miserable. It was such a dreary overcast day too so nobody wanted to be outside. A very lazyday was had.

11 covers, 2 fitteds, and over a dozen prefolds

3 verybaby pockets, 10 fuzzibunz, 2 magicalls, and 5 baby soft dreams pockets.
This is all I intend to buy in this size, John does most of the diaper changes on our newborns and he hates all the snaps and I am worried about the umbilical cord so we'll see how much they actually get used at first. Once he goes back to work and it's just me and the cord is off, it will be 100%.

New hobby...BMX racing. John is super excited about this, it is something he wanted to do as a boy but wasn't allowed to. They have several tracks in the area now for practice and such and J. is thrilled about his new bike and gear (OUCH on my bank account though....who knew these little bikes were so expensive!!!)

Here is my beautiful belly button obsessed girl! She is just too beautiful, I had to take her picture. Always has her finger in there too!
Tomorrow I am going to see The Business of Being Born by myself. I am excited to see it but wish that either John could have gone with me or that I had a friend who was half way interested in it. John has to work and both moms are busy so I'll go and enjoy and afternoon to myself :)
Anne is coming on Thursday and I am going to give baby boy a couple of days to flip and if he doesn't I am back to get the Webster again. I know it works I just don't know how to keep him down....he either needs to get bigger or drop some into my pelvis. I will update again later this week.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hair day

Had my hair done today and I always take pictures of it so I remember what it looks like when I change colors. I went a bit darker today or actually just had her add more lowlights. I am horrible at taking self portraits but you get the jist. I also had an inch cut off since my hair has been growing so fast lately. I also scheduled my next appt. for 3 days before my first EDD. Gotta look good for those birth photos :P

Monday, January 14, 2008

Shopping day

I bought the 2 hats on clearance at Gymboree but had to go to another one to find the pants. I figured this might be cute with just a plain long sleeved onesie.

I had gotten these from Christina at Punky Ducky Duo back before Christmas but forgot to picture it.

This jacket is soooooo soft....I want a blanket made like it!

Now beyond diapers I haven't done very much clothes shopping for the baby. I had lent all my boy clothes from J. to my SIL when she had twin boys....I was waiting to get them back from her and washed and sorted to see what I have before I started buying. Well, amongst it all, it is 98% sleepers and onesies, none of them outfits. I also don't really know what to expect weather wise because Florida is so finicky and March is a weird month, sometimes the coldest of the year, sometimes just nice.

I heard about the great sale that Old Navy was having so we made the treck this afternoon....girls department sucked (which is good because I already spend too much money on the girls!) Boys dept. was J. a light jacket and some sweats for next year. Baby was pretty good, I got a couple of pants, a hat, a jacket, a long sleeved shirt and a one piece. My total was $24, the most expensive being J.'s jacket! It was worth the trip!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

32 weeks

Baby is definitely "out" there and straight out front! problem is...I can't keep this little booger head down. After my last update and chiro appt. he stayed down for 3 days but hey, decided to flip up on me again today :( I am currently sitting with a flashlight between my thighs aiming up and classical music playing on headphones at my pubic bone. He has been ALL over the place today, hiccups started out down bottom, then they shifted to my top left, right now they are smack dab in the middle of my tummy. No wonder my stomach hurts so bad today, he is hiking in there! If anyone knows on the danger all this moving could be with the umbilical cord, leave me a comment/link....that is my greatest concern now. Always something to worry about right?
It is times like these I am glad this is my last baby. I had 2 of the most carefree pregnancies with my 2nd and 3rd and NOW I am just looking for something to stress about. I think I am no longer worried about him going head down, I just feel like he will when he's ready, but now I worry about all his flips around his cord.
Anne came on Thursday for my prenatal and I had gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks!!! She measured me and I am measuring pretty far ahead so she checked baby's position and she could tell there was a lot of amniotic fluid. She told me to up my tea to 3 a day (RRL) and to eat cucumbers?? I had never heard of that one before but hey, I went to the produce stand and bought 3! I have starting to swell also and I already drink a ton of water everyday....but everything else was fine. I was a little disappointed she didn't do the Mayan massage like she has at my last 2 appts. but oh well.
Nothing else really to report on this week. M. started gymnastics again today and loved it while J. got to play indoor basketball with his bf. Tomorrow for football we are doing a smokeout with ribs and chicken and having some people over. No appts. this coming week, my insurance won't cover this chiro in network so it is $45 each visit....I am gonna wait until we get a little closer to the end and also until my fluid level starts to drop until I go get another adjustment. I KNOW it works, my body is just not quite ready for it to work and stay that way. I just read tonight that this week in pregnancy is when fluid level is highest and then as baby starts to get bigger, fluid starts to go down. I wanted to savor and enjoy and not rush this pregnancy but it feels as if I am trying to rush this stage right now just so I can obtain a staying head down baby. See, I try not to obsess and stress about it but it still lurks in my head!

Just so you know....I have saved this post 3 times with paragraphs to make for easy reading and it won't save it!!!!It keeps putting it all mooshed up!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mid week

Well great news is baby can definitely flip head down, he has done it 3 times now and I think is currently hanging down. I have been for 2 adjustments with the Webster technique and my hips have been all messed up. I told her today before my appt. that he starts out the night being head down and I revel in the feel of his tiny baby feet kicking the crap out of the upper stomach, but by morning, he is head up again. She said it had to be the way I am sleeping and I'll be darned if she is right! I don't know why I didn't think of that! I kinda sleep on my side but more laying on my stomach with a pillow under my left hip to jack it up. DUH, my left hip always hurts and that is the one keeping him up. SO, I need to make myself sleep completely on my side no tilting, pillow between my legs to keep my hips straight, and hopefully I can sleep at all this way. I am a major tummy sleeper so this might be hard. (BUT worth it) I might even sleep in one of the bunk beds because they are more firm which I kinda need right now.

I also headed back to the ymca today and yesterday to exercise, it had been since before Christmas that I had been. I was sore this morning but after going again tonight, I feel so much better. I also took a long hot bath after the kids were in bed to help relax my belly to create a more calm environment for baby :)

MW comes in the morning and hopefully she feels a head down baby and I am going to get her to show me how to feel the difference in his butt and head. I think I am pretty good at feeling his body and knowing different kick patterns but I want to feel his head. A. was high my entire pregnancy so I think he might hang out up top too. She never even went into my pelvis until the very end of her labor.

I'll update in a couple of days :)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

31 week

Well my attitude about baby being breeched has definitely improved since last week. I went to the chiro on Wednesday and am scheduled to go again this Wednesday. She is very positive he will turn. I do know that he keeps switching his head to different sides but his feet are still down. I read these stats the other day and they ease me a bit
Weeks of Pregnancy % of Breech
28 25%
30 17%
32 11%
34 5%
36 5%
37 - 40 3.7%
from Holistic Midwifery by Anne Frye
I also came to realize that him being healthy is way more important than him being upside down. I was getting aggravated because I could feel his kicks down bottom but my mind frame has changed and now I am just happy that he is kicking period. I also know that breech vaginal is very safe espeically since he is my forth....just don't know if MW does homebirth for breeches??
John was off from work for a good portion of this week and we got sooooooo much stuff done around that house. Plus, the kids have been wonderful all week, we have had zero TV time and they have just played so well together. This sinus infection just doesn't want to leave me alone...this morning there was blood in my nose and when I coughed stuff up, gross! Oh, and now M. has the pink eye that the other 2 already had almost 2 weeks ago. HOW did it linger around that long??
We all went to the circus on Wednesday and it was awesome! The kids didn't take their eyes off the show the whole time. It was also the coldest night of the year, unfortunately probably the only one we'll see. Florida does have it's down side when you are looking for a bit of chill :/
Last night the kids stayed at my parents and John and I went on a much needed date. We went to bed by 10:30 and besides the 3 times I got up to pee, I didn't get out of bed until almost 9:30!!! Guess I was tired!! Then after we went to breakfast we picked up the kids and went out to the middle of no where and watched kids on a BMX track do races. It was really cool so now John and J. want to spend a ton of money to get into the sport!!
Going to Juan's 3 Kings spanish party tonight, it is always fun but so loud! The food is great too and the kids always love watching everyone dance. It has been a busy day and I am ready for a nap!