Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well, I went to the dr. this past Tuesday and then had blood work done Wednesday and should have the results this week early. I have decided this week it is time to eliminate bread and sugar, I just don't think my body can process it well. All I ever eat is whole wheat anyways but I just think there is something in bread period that I need to do without. I have prayed for a lot for help, strength and support for this week to eliminate my cravings. My goal at the start of the year was to have lost the last 7 pounds by February 20 and since then all I have done is gain 3 pounds! My self esteem and mentality are really taking a beating because of this and I really need to work through it because it is pulling me down. Man, I hope the blood work shows something! She is checking all my vitamins, a full metabolic panel, urine, and thyroid. If something comes back iffy, she wants to do another full work up on my thyroid.

I am pushing myself harder this week too in the gym and boy oh boy are my muscles feeling it! The full hour of weight lifting is really what I have been needing and craving and it HURTS! look out summer here comes a new woman!

Friday, January 22, 2010


I am having issues. Weight issues. I have lost 40 lbs since I had Ian but have been gaining and losing the same 2 lbs since last April! Now, in the past month, I have put on 2-3 MORE pounds!! What gives?? I exercise 4-5 times a week either eliptical, running, bike, pilates, body pump (1 hour of weights) or a combo of 2 of them. I write down EVERYTHING I eat, eat all my fruits/veggies, take a vitamin, make sure I eat enough protein, I don't drink milk but do get calcium in other ways, if I eat a grain, only once a day, never buy junk foods EVER, and am constantly mindful of what and how I am eating. I have truly changed my horrible eating habits into something to be proud of BUT I still feel like a failure because I can't lose 7 pounds to make Lifetime at Weight*watchers???

My leader has helped to try more points, exercise less (I want to know the logic in this, I just don't get it!), try all kinds of different things and nothing makes the scale budge. My last resort, and I am going on Tuesday, is to see a dr. and get a physical/blood tests and see if something is missing from me and ask their opinion what my weight should be for my body type. I feel excited about this hoping I can find some answers as to what is going on because I know something is, just cant figure out what!

If this doesn't work, someone schedule me for a tummy tuck and get these implants out of me! That has to be an answer too ha!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Animal Kingdom

We bought passes to Disney this week and our first trip we chose to go to Animal Kingdom since
we have never been. I was skeptical at first thinking it would just be a glorified zoo and that we were going to waste the trip. I was told that there wasn't a whole lot to do. Boy, am I glad we went! It was pretty awesome, the Nemo musical, safari ride, and the Lion King show were definite favorites by far. Ian was mesmerized during Nemo (one of his current favorite words and the ONLY thing he will watch on TV!) The parade at the end of the day was pretty cool too. The girls and Ian met Pocahantas, Minnie, and Donald Duck, Madeline rode her first roller coaster in Dino-land, and me and the 3 oldest were absolutely terrified during another dinosaur ride (NEVER AGAIN!!!) I wish the park would
have been opened longer (they closed at 5) because we didn't even get to see a whole section of the park!

All around it was an awesome day. Ian and Ava both took brief naps in the stroller, Johnny chickened out on the river rapids ride because he can not stand
getting wet, and the kids and I are pretty sure we are over dinosaurs at the moment! (if you have young children, even if they are 40 inches, DO NOT LET THEM RIDE Dinosaur!!! It was dark, fast, loud, jerky and just 100% terrifying for little ones (and ME!)

Ian 22 months, Ava 4, Madeline 6, Johnny 8

sorry guys about the sun being in your eyes!

see how perfect our days was on the African safari!

On the jeep during the safari...we sat in the very back and it was b*u*m*p*y!

Madeline's first roller coaster ride!

Watching a performance

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cold beginnings

Welcome new year! Ian has been sick with an upper resp. infection and we started the breathing treatments. He wasn't a big fan the first couple of times but after a couple of times, he was holding the mask himself for the full time. I guess it felt good on his little lungs.

Ice covered lawns is not something we see often in central Florida! It was super cold for a solid week! Most of our warm lovin plants look like they bit the dust but our grass always comes back. I ran out of clothes to wear too!

I do have 2 other kids! The two youngest are just always home and easier to catch!

Have a great (warmer) week!