Thursday, June 3, 2010


Got my brand new- perfectly- fitting -designed -for- my- foot running shoes today! John and I went out to a "running" store and both did the run test to see how our foot falls ( I have a super high arch and my foot rolls inward slightly which makes my ankle bend which would hurt my legs in long runs) and we both walked away with new shoes and super cool socks (oh and a sticker that reads 26.2 that I promptly hung on my bathroom mirror. After I finish the marathon, you better believe I will find the biggest 26.2 to put on the back of my minivan!!)

I feel like in the past 3 days since I have decided to do this, my brain has become a little obsessed....all day long I think about running and training and all the gear I need and researching all the best ways to train and what program to follow and which website has the best products and reviews and do I need compression for my legs and should a get a visor or just a sweatband and how am I going to learn how to eat carbs again and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Do you see the direction my brain has gone in?! Right now I know I just need the shoes but I really really want a heart rate monitor, a new sleeveless top, a more comfortable sports bra (I think mine has died!), a skort with compression shorts underneath, a visor for outdoor runs and a headband for indoors, new music nicely organized for me on my mp3, new earbuds that don't pop out when my ears sweat, a nice training journal and oh good grief, I could just go on!! But what do I need? Money!

So for right now I still need to talk down the negative voice inside my head trying instill thought of doubt...I am talking myself positive from every angle

#1 this is the first time in my life that I have had the opportunity, support, time, money(well, sort of) and health to do something like this. I am only going to get older and I am pretty sure my knees are not going to last my lifetime! The time is now

#2 the Disney marathon is not held as a major qualifying race for time and actually I could really care less about time right now anyways. The whole point is for it to be fun, take pictures with characters along the way, enjoy the sights and sounds of this wonderful place, have a weekend away and of course, challenge myself like I never have in my life. I figure if I can get through 3 natural childbirths (1st birth was heavily medicated) I can overcome the mental and physical pain of running 26.2 miles

#3 I really need something to look forward to, For 6 wonderful years with back to back pregnancies, I always had something to look forward to, a timeline of when the baby will be born, when the baby will walk, talk, start preschool, etc. Don't get me wrong, I still have soooooo much to look forward to with watching my children turn into little people and adults , but for me personally, until I can begin my career, in the short term, I need this deadline to help propel me forward into being better.

#4 Fitness wise I am in a rut with cardio. It just bores me to tears right now and it is tough making myself do it. I love my pilates class every Monday and I super love my body pump classes on Wednesday and Saturday, but I feel like I am not getting that extra kick that I need by doing more to get my heart rate up.

I am also thinking of starting a new blog (when I have time ha!). I want one to track my progress of running where this one is all babies! Thinking on a name too (see, more thinking!!) We shall see!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Holy cow, I had no idea it had been a full month since my last post!??? Guess time does really fly when you are having fun!

Since I have had kids I have had it in my mind that I want to run, you know like races, 5ks, marathons, etc. But for the past 8 years I have either been pregnant or nursing (and sometimes both ha!) This is the first time when I have been neither, just a woman with fitness goals that motivate me to be healthy.

I think some people are born with this innate thing inside them that either says "Must Run" or "No way in hell am I running for nothing!" I have just felt for a long time this is what I want to do, run. I do have a mental block that daily I am working on getting out of the way and it sounds like, "You don't have time to run" or "your knee(arthritis) is not made to run" or "You will be bored"

So I took a huge step today....I registered and PAID for the Disney marathon in January!! And I signed up John to do it with me! Now, there are no excuses, no delays, training starts now and I tell you what, I am so super excited to start down this path, this goal of mine that I have longed for for so long. I want to be a runner, jealous of those that do it, and now, I can join their world and feel that joy of accomplishment as I finish my first marathon....because to me it's Go Big or Go Home!