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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday night bowling

We went down for some family fun and bowling and dinner and ice cream last night at Channelside. John had some gift certificates from work so we made good use of them to have a great time! We invited my brother in law and neice to join us and also an out of town friend whom the kids have always called their uncle. The kids all had a blast, they love being with their cousins and we haven't been out in so long so it really was a nice treat.

Me and Johnny, Ava, Madeline......Ian was asleep in the stroller.

Madeline took a LOT of pics of us and I loved this one because of the look on Ava's face....there was jazz playing in the plaza and she was really enjoying the relaxtion!


Ava bowling with John

The girls playing up to the camera

The kids posing in the plaza before dinner(in the orange is Lauren)

I thought they looked BIL thought they looked like teenagers waiting to get picked up at the movies!
Everyone passed out on the way home (except Ian who chose to scream the whole way home)

Now this morning Ian has his first ever fever and is sleeping a lot. Now I feel guilty for keeping him out so late last night :(

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Too big

This was how I walked in to get Ian from his morning nap! Time to drop the crib!!

Do you see all those teeth?!! 6 now!

Then, he was so proud of himself and starting giggling so hard, he knocked himself down!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

7 months old

Happy 7 months little man!

He has decided that he just likes grass in his mouth, doesn't want to eat it, just wants it to hang out on the side of his mouth! He did it over and over again after every time I would pull it out! Silly boy, always has to have something in his mouth, mainly a toy just sticking out!

John and I took Ian and Ava to the aquarium yesterday for a little time out. We have passes so it is a nice departure from everyday. This was in front of one of the fish tanks but my camera didn't really get it that good.

They have a little splash area with a huge pirate ship, huge sand box, lots of water spouting out of the ground, and a couple little slides. Ava spent most of the time in the sand box but then ventured onto the slides.

Ian enjoyed watching his sister!

And since I have been greatly slacking on my blogging, I am adding in a bunch of pictures over the last couple of weeks. In my defense, it has not been my fault! Every night when Ian is asleep and I put him down, within minutes he is up screaming and needing to be fed again. It was those dreadful 2 top teeth which thankfully are now in and the past 2 nights have been so much better! I have even woken up a couple of times and checked on him to make sure he was still breathing because he has been sleeping so well!

After a bath, getting ready for jammies

After some lunch, down for the count... man, I could just eat those lips off his chubby face!

Playing with a string and his best friend, Kitty. None of the other kids particularly like Kitty because they like to aggravate him and then he likes to bite them back. But Kitty seems to really like Ian and lets him grab ahold of his fur. Kitty only licks him and gives him friendly little love bites. So, Ian was crawling around the house with this string (most of the time it was hanging out of his mouth!) and Kitty was following him and playing with the string....extremely adorable! Note:he is under the coffee table and every time he tries to sit up, he bonks his head. You'd think he would figure this out, but alas, he is a man at heart and continues to do it.

His favorite activity...crawling on mommy

Ava said Ian needed a check up so she checked out his heart and his ears. He was declared healthy... thank you Dr. Ava.

And takin it back a few months, here is Ava checking out baby boy no name in the weeks before he was born! Remember when my midwife would come for my prenatals and Ava always had to do her own check on the baby's heart and my blood pressure?! I think this is one of the main reasons that she is so in love with him!

And the surprise that was 2 weeks ago! We got a new camper!! It has a king bed in the front, a full in the back and a pull out sofa bed plus the dinette becomes a bed, a 3 burner stove, tv, microwave, full bath, and AC. We are probably gonna use it at the end of this month for the first time when we visit family in Orlando. Figure our first time in it should be close to home!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I am so sorry I sent a tease about a picture! Now you will definitely have to wait until tomorrow! First we had back to back baseball games Friday night then Saturday morning and then every night I have a very fussy, no sleeping, mama clinging, teething baby(2 top teeth are trying very hard to make an appearance so sleep has gone out the window) AND now I don't have my camera on me sooooooo, tomorrow it will be!

I just got $70 worth of prints in the mail yesterday from snapfish, almost 600 pictures! This is just from April....I take way too many pictures and I MUST have them all stored in order in an actual album! I just caught up on all my other pictures(starting from Christmas last year!) and so now I am starting over! I need more albums!!!!!

John has to take his ::ahem::: sample down to the lab on Monday so they can see if in fact he is now sterile. He already did his first sample and we never got a call so I assume that means the first showed no activity and so now after the second, we should be home free! I am really okay with this too! I know without a doubt that I will not have any more babies and I am just fine with that. I love what I have and I no longer hold envy for pregnant mamas or those holding newborns. I feel complete and full and happy to have what we have and the sense of doneness is a very nice feeling to embrace, and I do!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another first

He got to sit at the dinner table with us! He normally goes back and forth in the kitchen in his walker or one of us holds him if he is fussy but tonight he joined us! Still no solids, we delay for a bit but he did enjoy his spoon and bowl to play with. We need more chairs though! Our set only has 4 and then we push over the desk chair but now we need one more! Time to invest in 2 more for our family of 6 ;-)

He bumped his head on the table so he had to get the tray on and get pushed away from the table!

They matched! (by accident) Ian has been so fussy lately. He starts crying the second you put him down, like a newborn! He seems to forget that there are 3 other kids in the family who have needs too, silly boy. But his top 2 teeth are on the verge of popping through so hopefully that is soon and he is happy again. The sleepless nights are pretty bad now too.....this too shall pass (so remember it now)

Madeline was Terrific Kid for her class at school today!!! The teachers pick one kid per class per month... Johnny was last month(can't remember if I mentioned it) Sorry, I can't put the bumper stickers on my van though, just can't do it!

And I will have a surprise picture for you later today so check back!