Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another first

He got to sit at the dinner table with us! He normally goes back and forth in the kitchen in his walker or one of us holds him if he is fussy but tonight he joined us! Still no solids, we delay for a bit but he did enjoy his spoon and bowl to play with. We need more chairs though! Our set only has 4 and then we push over the desk chair but now we need one more! Time to invest in 2 more for our family of 6 ;-)

He bumped his head on the table so he had to get the tray on and get pushed away from the table!

They matched! (by accident) Ian has been so fussy lately. He starts crying the second you put him down, like a newborn! He seems to forget that there are 3 other kids in the family who have needs too, silly boy. But his top 2 teeth are on the verge of popping through so hopefully that is soon and he is happy again. The sleepless nights are pretty bad now too.....this too shall pass (so remember it now)

Madeline was Terrific Kid for her class at school today!!! The teachers pick one kid per class per month... Johnny was last month(can't remember if I mentioned it) Sorry, I can't put the bumper stickers on my van though, just can't do it!

And I will have a surprise picture for you later today so check back!


Laura Hopper, Midwife said...

Can't wait to see the surprise picture!
Your kids are so beautiful, Angela!

Tyggereye said...

Aww he's getting so big. I swear he looks almost as big as Leo. Talk to you soon!