Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baseball today

Talk about one proud, super excited boy today! He waited all week for this day to arrive....his first Little league baseball game! He was very nervous about where he would be placed on the field but the coach moved them all around for each inning so he was in several different positions. He only got to bat twice and the first time he struck out :( The second time around though he hit it straight up the middle and made in to first! He ended up on 3rd base when the inning was over so he was disappointed he couldn't run home.

He even got to be the catcher for one inning....he thought that was pretty cool. It was beautiful outside today too. A couple of times this week we got weather in the 60's with no humidity so the week was very pleasant to be outside. Today was a bit warmer but still nice and sunshiny :)

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