Thursday, September 4, 2008

Catch up time

It's been a busy week so I am trying to catch up and add some pics. John was off for the last three days which was awesome and we got some great stuff done. Monday (Labor day) having him off for an actual holiday was quite a change and very much appreciated. It never did rain on us like it was supposed to so we went swimming and out to lunch then had a cook out. Tuesday we did a bunch of cleaning around the house and outside so yesterday we took off and took Ava and Ian to the zoo. It was a great time and both kids had a great time. Ava is not quite sure what to make of having us to herself and is still always asking when we can get Johnny and Madeline!
My 2 little men :)

Check out the chunk on those thighs! See the giraffe in the back?

For some reason Ava really wanted to see the zebras so here they are! (and another giraffe!)

Tiny baby monkey eating "mommy boobies"

And I could have sat here the entire day and watched this mama with her newborn! Look closely and you can see her little head coming up for a break from eating. She was only born a month ago and they were the sweetest 2 to watch. FWI, a monkey will nurse for up to 5 years :)

Madeline showing off one of her birthday presents, a Belle outfit.

The whole crew after the Build A Bear Party. Madeline said it was the best party yet! Ava of course had an Ariel bear, Johnny had a Rays bear, and Madeline had a ballet panda :)

My Little Pony Cake

And my boy is "SOOOO Big!"

This girl is thinking pretty hard!

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