Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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I just wanted to add....I do not in anyway think that those who choose to formula feed are uneducated or ignorant....I think that dr.s and money and formula companies do not have the best interest of babies in mind period. I know there are a TON of reason that moms choose not to breastfeed and to each their own...this post is more about the deception involved in this scenario.


Swansong said...
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Swansong said...

OOOOKKKKK LOL Followed Christina's blog to Claire's blog to your blog and this is what smacks me in the face. LOL

Formula feeder- not proud but baby's gotta eat. Not offended either by your post as 2nd child I have had to ff and I am comfortable with my choices at this point. Hope others that read are as well!

I know if I had read this at this time after my first though I would be devistated. I don't know if BFing people realize how much these "rants" can hurt a new mom that FF's. I will not go into any reasoning as I have no need to defend myself as I am an adult- plus your not attacking "me" just formula in general and I wouldn't denfend it anyway. It is no where near as healty as breastmilk.

(ps delete was me- bad typo!)

Swansong said...

dang I missed another typo the 2nd time around again LOL