Friday, September 12, 2008


The girls were putting on a concert on my bed! Madeline was singing while Ava was dancing/falling all over. They are not allowed to have feet on the bed unless they are sleeping OR there are no sheets on it. I couldn't yell at them though because they were so proud of their concert! There is a mirror above my dresser that they can only see themselves if they stand on the I let it slide.

Madeline has recently said that she wants to be a singer when she grows up! Good for her, I have zero talent in that department!

AND bugga bugga has been getting up on his knees and rocking! WHAT?!! Note: he does not suck on pacifiers but uses them as a handy chewing device.

I broke his concentration with the flash, oops

And I DO have another child, he is just hard to get pictures of. At this time he was outside in our front yard playing baseball with the neighbors. I will add more pictures of him next time :)

Also note to oneself....I hate cleaning the bathrooms, put it off as long as possible hoping that my imaginary maid will show up for work and do it for me...for free. I HAD to clean the kids' bathroom tonight and scrubbed their tub and sink with some bleach product(I think soft scrub?). I inhaled so many of those nasty fumes that I have been borderline high/nauseated the rest of the night. I use the Greenworks stuff in my kitchen and like it but didn't know if it would be strong enough for a tub/sink/toilet. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a more gentle/non toxic bathroom/tub cleaner that won't leave me feeling like I just snorted a capful of bleach. Thank you for any suggestions!

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