Saturday, October 4, 2008


I am so sorry I sent a tease about a picture! Now you will definitely have to wait until tomorrow! First we had back to back baseball games Friday night then Saturday morning and then every night I have a very fussy, no sleeping, mama clinging, teething baby(2 top teeth are trying very hard to make an appearance so sleep has gone out the window) AND now I don't have my camera on me sooooooo, tomorrow it will be!

I just got $70 worth of prints in the mail yesterday from snapfish, almost 600 pictures! This is just from April....I take way too many pictures and I MUST have them all stored in order in an actual album! I just caught up on all my other pictures(starting from Christmas last year!) and so now I am starting over! I need more albums!!!!!

John has to take his ::ahem::: sample down to the lab on Monday so they can see if in fact he is now sterile. He already did his first sample and we never got a call so I assume that means the first showed no activity and so now after the second, we should be home free! I am really okay with this too! I know without a doubt that I will not have any more babies and I am just fine with that. I love what I have and I no longer hold envy for pregnant mamas or those holding newborns. I feel complete and full and happy to have what we have and the sense of doneness is a very nice feeling to embrace, and I do!

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