Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday night bowling

We went down for some family fun and bowling and dinner and ice cream last night at Channelside. John had some gift certificates from work so we made good use of them to have a great time! We invited my brother in law and neice to join us and also an out of town friend whom the kids have always called their uncle. The kids all had a blast, they love being with their cousins and we haven't been out in so long so it really was a nice treat.

Me and Johnny, Ava, Madeline......Ian was asleep in the stroller.

Madeline took a LOT of pics of us and I loved this one because of the look on Ava's face....there was jazz playing in the plaza and she was really enjoying the relaxtion!


Ava bowling with John

The girls playing up to the camera

The kids posing in the plaza before dinner(in the orange is Lauren)

I thought they looked BIL thought they looked like teenagers waiting to get picked up at the movies!
Everyone passed out on the way home (except Ian who chose to scream the whole way home)

Now this morning Ian has his first ever fever and is sleeping a lot. Now I feel guilty for keeping him out so late last night :(


Claire said...

I'm fairly sure we cant be friends.. you are GORGEOUS!!
(And your family too..of course ;-)

angela said...

oh, come on!::blush:: thank you :)) pretty please with sugar on top, be my friend??