Saturday, January 12, 2008

32 weeks

Baby is definitely "out" there and straight out front! problem is...I can't keep this little booger head down. After my last update and chiro appt. he stayed down for 3 days but hey, decided to flip up on me again today :( I am currently sitting with a flashlight between my thighs aiming up and classical music playing on headphones at my pubic bone. He has been ALL over the place today, hiccups started out down bottom, then they shifted to my top left, right now they are smack dab in the middle of my tummy. No wonder my stomach hurts so bad today, he is hiking in there! If anyone knows on the danger all this moving could be with the umbilical cord, leave me a comment/link....that is my greatest concern now. Always something to worry about right?
It is times like these I am glad this is my last baby. I had 2 of the most carefree pregnancies with my 2nd and 3rd and NOW I am just looking for something to stress about. I think I am no longer worried about him going head down, I just feel like he will when he's ready, but now I worry about all his flips around his cord.
Anne came on Thursday for my prenatal and I had gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks!!! She measured me and I am measuring pretty far ahead so she checked baby's position and she could tell there was a lot of amniotic fluid. She told me to up my tea to 3 a day (RRL) and to eat cucumbers?? I had never heard of that one before but hey, I went to the produce stand and bought 3! I have starting to swell also and I already drink a ton of water everyday....but everything else was fine. I was a little disappointed she didn't do the Mayan massage like she has at my last 2 appts. but oh well.
Nothing else really to report on this week. M. started gymnastics again today and loved it while J. got to play indoor basketball with his bf. Tomorrow for football we are doing a smokeout with ribs and chicken and having some people over. No appts. this coming week, my insurance won't cover this chiro in network so it is $45 each visit....I am gonna wait until we get a little closer to the end and also until my fluid level starts to drop until I go get another adjustment. I KNOW it works, my body is just not quite ready for it to work and stay that way. I just read tonight that this week in pregnancy is when fluid level is highest and then as baby starts to get bigger, fluid starts to go down. I wanted to savor and enjoy and not rush this pregnancy but it feels as if I am trying to rush this stage right now just so I can obtain a staying head down baby. See, I try not to obsess and stress about it but it still lurks in my head!

Just so you know....I have saved this post 3 times with paragraphs to make for easy reading and it won't save it!!!!It keeps putting it all mooshed up!

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