Saturday, January 5, 2008

31 week

Well my attitude about baby being breeched has definitely improved since last week. I went to the chiro on Wednesday and am scheduled to go again this Wednesday. She is very positive he will turn. I do know that he keeps switching his head to different sides but his feet are still down. I read these stats the other day and they ease me a bit
Weeks of Pregnancy % of Breech
28 25%
30 17%
32 11%
34 5%
36 5%
37 - 40 3.7%
from Holistic Midwifery by Anne Frye
I also came to realize that him being healthy is way more important than him being upside down. I was getting aggravated because I could feel his kicks down bottom but my mind frame has changed and now I am just happy that he is kicking period. I also know that breech vaginal is very safe espeically since he is my forth....just don't know if MW does homebirth for breeches??
John was off from work for a good portion of this week and we got sooooooo much stuff done around that house. Plus, the kids have been wonderful all week, we have had zero TV time and they have just played so well together. This sinus infection just doesn't want to leave me alone...this morning there was blood in my nose and when I coughed stuff up, gross! Oh, and now M. has the pink eye that the other 2 already had almost 2 weeks ago. HOW did it linger around that long??
We all went to the circus on Wednesday and it was awesome! The kids didn't take their eyes off the show the whole time. It was also the coldest night of the year, unfortunately probably the only one we'll see. Florida does have it's down side when you are looking for a bit of chill :/
Last night the kids stayed at my parents and John and I went on a much needed date. We went to bed by 10:30 and besides the 3 times I got up to pee, I didn't get out of bed until almost 9:30!!! Guess I was tired!! Then after we went to breakfast we picked up the kids and went out to the middle of no where and watched kids on a BMX track do races. It was really cool so now John and J. want to spend a ton of money to get into the sport!!
Going to Juan's 3 Kings spanish party tonight, it is always fun but so loud! The food is great too and the kids always love watching everyone dance. It has been a busy day and I am ready for a nap!

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