Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mid week

Well great news is baby can definitely flip head down, he has done it 3 times now and I think is currently hanging down. I have been for 2 adjustments with the Webster technique and my hips have been all messed up. I told her today before my appt. that he starts out the night being head down and I revel in the feel of his tiny baby feet kicking the crap out of the upper stomach, but by morning, he is head up again. She said it had to be the way I am sleeping and I'll be darned if she is right! I don't know why I didn't think of that! I kinda sleep on my side but more laying on my stomach with a pillow under my left hip to jack it up. DUH, my left hip always hurts and that is the one keeping him up. SO, I need to make myself sleep completely on my side no tilting, pillow between my legs to keep my hips straight, and hopefully I can sleep at all this way. I am a major tummy sleeper so this might be hard. (BUT worth it) I might even sleep in one of the bunk beds because they are more firm which I kinda need right now.

I also headed back to the ymca today and yesterday to exercise, it had been since before Christmas that I had been. I was sore this morning but after going again tonight, I feel so much better. I also took a long hot bath after the kids were in bed to help relax my belly to create a more calm environment for baby :)

MW comes in the morning and hopefully she feels a head down baby and I am going to get her to show me how to feel the difference in his butt and head. I think I am pretty good at feeling his body and knowing different kick patterns but I want to feel his head. A. was high my entire pregnancy so I think he might hang out up top too. She never even went into my pelvis until the very end of her labor.

I'll update in a couple of days :)

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