Monday, January 14, 2008

Shopping day

I bought the 2 hats on clearance at Gymboree but had to go to another one to find the pants. I figured this might be cute with just a plain long sleeved onesie.

I had gotten these from Christina at Punky Ducky Duo back before Christmas but forgot to picture it.

This jacket is soooooo soft....I want a blanket made like it!

Now beyond diapers I haven't done very much clothes shopping for the baby. I had lent all my boy clothes from J. to my SIL when she had twin boys....I was waiting to get them back from her and washed and sorted to see what I have before I started buying. Well, amongst it all, it is 98% sleepers and onesies, none of them outfits. I also don't really know what to expect weather wise because Florida is so finicky and March is a weird month, sometimes the coldest of the year, sometimes just nice.

I heard about the great sale that Old Navy was having so we made the treck this afternoon....girls department sucked (which is good because I already spend too much money on the girls!) Boys dept. was J. a light jacket and some sweats for next year. Baby was pretty good, I got a couple of pants, a hat, a jacket, a long sleeved shirt and a one piece. My total was $24, the most expensive being J.'s jacket! It was worth the trip!

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