Saturday, January 26, 2008

34 weeks

I almost hate to even say it or write it down but baby boy is back head down!!!!! Anne came to my prenatal appt on Thursday and I told her I thought he had flipped again because I had been sick. She felt around and thought for sure she felt his head down but his heartbeat indicated he was up. She wanted me to go get a couple more adjustments of Webster and she is coming back over on Tuesday to check him again. If she can't tell, she will send me for another sonogram.
On a good note, BP was normal, weight gain was 0 for a change, urine was fine. I had been sick with a stomach virus for 2 days this week which was pure hell....especially when both girls were also sick and I had to peel myself off the couch to clean up throw up and massive poopy diapers. Luckily M. is fast enough to run to the toilet every time! The only good thing was they were more than willing to take naps with me and that is pretty much all we did. But after 2 days of it, b.b. was head up and my hips were on fire from laying on them so much. Wednesday I went for a massage with my therapist (a whole hour, oh my, heaven!)and she worked out every kink and build up in my body, even the rocks I have been having in my calves from Charley horses. Now today J. has been running a high fever but nothing else so maybe he is just fighting it off. John was up all night last night throwing up and then had to work all day today :(
Thursday night we went to a Lighting Game and sat ALL the way up TOP! That's what you get with free tickets! The kids didn't care and it was actually pretty easy to follow the game from up there. We only stayed for a period because it was getting late and J. and M. had school Friday. We did let them sleep in a bit and signed them in late at school.
Friday we wanted to take the kids down to Apollo Beach to see the manatees this year since it has been cold. We saw about 50 of them and they were so close to the pier, the kids loved it, especially the babies. After that we met some neighbors down at Channelside Bay Plaza and did some bowling. I didn't bowl, but did get some yummy homemade cheesecake from the candy shop next door!! There was even a Navy Band playing in the courtyard and I thought the lead singer looked so familiar but I couldn't place him....until 11:00 that night. It was
American Idol Season Six Top 24 Contestant Phil Stacey!!!! The band was great and he was amazing. The kids had a wonderful time that night between the bowling, the music and ice cream afterwards. Our neighbors kids and mine get along so well, they just chased each other around. Even M. always play with them!

M., J., neighbor girl, most of A.'s face
This week looks to be another busy one too. Monday M.'s class is going to the park for a teddy bear picnic so John and I are doing that. Then afterwards I have another webster adjustment at the chiro. Anne comes Tuesday. And sometime this week I need to get the kids into see the dentist. They are way overdue and I need to do it before b.b. arrives. I'll check back in mid week :)

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