Monday, February 4, 2008

35 weeks-late

I don't know why this shirt looks orange, I have never owned orange in my life! It is actually red.

I thought he had dropped on this day but low and behold, he has flipped. I am having a hard time right now trying to figure out his position...his hiccups are right smack in the middle but he is not kicking me in the last 2 days so I don't know where is legs are. This little guy is such a booger, making me stress and worry so much about his position. Just when I am happy and carefree that he is head down, he flips. I just tried to call the chiro but they were gone already.

J. and John on the starting gate, on the right.
J's first day on the BMX track!!!!! John took him to just practice but then J. wanted to race also. There was only one other kid in his age/class so it was easier. Poor thing fell down a couple of times and bruised his elbow pretty bad (he now owns elbow pads!!). But I am sooooo proud of him for getting back up and finishing the race....that is HUGE for him.

Here he is on the final the back, in red. I would be so tired if I tried to cycle over those hills but he did great. He did have sore hips and legs at night though!

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