Saturday, February 9, 2008

36 weeks

Feeling pretty good, just a little on the moody side. John can't wait for the baby to be born so I won't be so snappy at him! We STILL need a name though but I think we are close to deciding. I went to the chiro Friday and good thing, my right hip was locked up. I probably won't go again until my last week to make sure baby is lined up correctly. It just gets too expensive to keep going everyweek but it sure does feel good!
We got the carseat from UPS yesterday too. It is much nicer in person than online pictures! I can't wait to get it installed, my van is going to be topped out with more room! I still need a couple of extras like an old pair of king sheets, a baby book and photo album, an infant headrest for the car seat, nursing pads, baby wash, and I need to wash the boppy and put together the swing. I am getting our parents to make us some food to freeze so I don't have to worry about cooking. I need to make my vegetable soup, some chili, chicken noodle soup, and bake ziti myself.
Anne is now coming for my visits once a week!!!! She will be here Wednesday this week since Thursday is Valentine's day. John and I were going to go to the fair in the morning since he is working that night but M. has a class party at school so I might need Grandma to do the party so we can spend some quality time together (A. will be with us also)...and we haven't been to the fair in about 3 years I think.

John has now joined BMX! Bought his bike, helmet, and jersey on Friday and starting practicing the same day. He did really well on the track and it is wonderful exercise for him. Plus, it gives him great time to spend with J.

This was their first practice run together. J. wasn't feeling real well and wouldn't go down the hill again so they had to walk down it and start at the bottom. Something is just not right with him and I'm afraid we'll be back at the dr. in the next couple of days.

Coming in at the finish line together :)

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