Thursday, February 7, 2008


Profile shot, he is looking up with hands by his face
Totally was not expecting to have an ultrasound today!! This was my 4th for this baby and that is HIGH for me!
Anne came for my 36 week check up today, BP fine, urine perfect, up a couple of pounds and I told her I was almost positive he was head down. She had to do my blood draw for my iron first and then I had to swab myself for GBS but then she checked baby. From her hearing his heartbeat and then pushing around a lot on him, she thought he was butt down with head and feet up top. She wanted me to go to the chiro(I already have an appt. for tomorrow) and do slantboard over the weekend. I HATE doing that and asked if she was 100% on him or could I go have an ultrasound. SO she called and got me in today. I hate to wait forever but as soon as I was in, she put the scan down at my pubic bone and there was his beautiful perfect head. Relief washed over me, I had already put myself in a funk over all this again. I have become really bad at being worse case scenario, I think this homebirth just means way too much for me and every chance that it is threatened, I panic.
So anyways, he is perfect other than she said he had a hydrocele....had to look it up when I got home. It is a collection of fluid in the testes but usually goes away within a year and is painless. She also said he is 4 kilograms (also had to look this one up) and that converts to 8 lbs. OH MY, I am only just at 36 weeks. I KNOW how inaccurate these are this late in pregnancy so I am not worried, I know he is going to be big anyways :)
Tonight the kids are staying with my parents because John is closing and I am going out to dinner with all the girls for my SIL's birthday. There is no school tomorrow but we are going to pick them up early in the morning because there is BMX practice in the afternoon.
I will update again this weekend.

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