Monday, February 4, 2008

forgot this

sorry, I forgot to flip it!!

J. got a trophy for participating and because it was his first race, he is soooo proud of it!!!

I also ordered the carseat this weekend. Now I can't wait to get it, it was the last major thing I needed for baby boy. I found this on a really great price
Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat 2007 Brownstone.

AND, I did order my birth kit from
In His Hands Birth Supply / pregnancy herbs, natural child birth, child labor. I was afraid to do it and jinx myself thinking if I ordered then I definately would not be having a home birth but it was time to order it, I have to have everything here and ready by 36 weeks. I only need a couple more things like nursing pads and baby wash but those can wait until I go to Target again in the next couple of weeks. I also need to find an old set of king sets for the top layer on my bed. But that's it....

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