Saturday, January 19, 2008

33 weeks

My poor skin already looks like it is stretched to the limit. With each baby, I get stretch marks in a different zone...wonder where baby boy will leave his marks?

After my last chiro appt. a week and a half ago, he has been very good and stayed head down. Last night I started getting body aches and my neck was on fire and I just knew sickness was taking ahold of me. Apparently he didn't like all that tenseness and flipped head up. He wanted to be near his mommy. We went out with another couple down the street from us for dinner and I probably should have just stayed in bed. With the kids gone, I got to sleep in until almost 9:30, only the sound of my MIL's voice on the answering machine woke me up. I need the sleep and today started out pretty yucky but I succumbed and went and bought tylenol sinus. I do feel better but know this is going to hang around awhile unless I get on antibiotics (UGH!)

Our neighbors having been trying for 2 years to have a baby. After a year of testing, they know they are fine and healthy and have unexplained infertility. They want a baby so desperately bad. Anyways, she was in fashion design and had made this dress and was just waiting for someone to give it to. She didn't want to sell it because she said it was such a labor of love. We just recently began hanging out and she adores my kids. She totally understands our way of life and thinking and doesn't even flinch. Anyways, M. was very much in love with the dress.

Poor thing has been throwing up all day. She wanted to wear this so bad and loved it but she was miserable. It was such a dreary overcast day too so nobody wanted to be outside. A very lazyday was had.

11 covers, 2 fitteds, and over a dozen prefolds

3 verybaby pockets, 10 fuzzibunz, 2 magicalls, and 5 baby soft dreams pockets.
This is all I intend to buy in this size, John does most of the diaper changes on our newborns and he hates all the snaps and I am worried about the umbilical cord so we'll see how much they actually get used at first. Once he goes back to work and it's just me and the cord is off, it will be 100%.

New hobby...BMX racing. John is super excited about this, it is something he wanted to do as a boy but wasn't allowed to. They have several tracks in the area now for practice and such and J. is thrilled about his new bike and gear (OUCH on my bank account though....who knew these little bikes were so expensive!!!)

Here is my beautiful belly button obsessed girl! She is just too beautiful, I had to take her picture. Always has her finger in there too!
Tomorrow I am going to see The Business of Being Born by myself. I am excited to see it but wish that either John could have gone with me or that I had a friend who was half way interested in it. John has to work and both moms are busy so I'll go and enjoy and afternoon to myself :)
Anne is coming on Thursday and I am going to give baby boy a couple of days to flip and if he doesn't I am back to get the Webster again. I know it works I just don't know how to keep him down....he either needs to get bigger or drop some into my pelvis. I will update again later this week.

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