Sunday, December 30, 2007

30 week

Well I am late in writing yet again because I have been a lot bit busy and a little bit angry. Anne came Thursday and couldn't get a feel for the baby's head. After a lot of massaging and checking location of the heart and feet, we were both pretty sure that baby is breech. She wanted to be certain and to check fluid level for possibly flipping the baby so I went on Friday for an ultrasound. Sure enough, he is transverse, head under my right ribs, tummy down bottom and feet over to the left. FLuid level is good, baby is measuring 3lbs 12oz, and it is still a boy :)

So now I am just mad.....mad at him for not being head down, mad at myself for slouching or sitting in a recliner, or sleeping on my right side, whatever I have done to make him breech and a little mad a God for taking away the perfection of my pregnancy and the beauty of having a stressfree 10months plus birth. Mad at the slight of chance that he isn't going to turn and it either risks me out of homebirth or forces me into a birth I am completely NOT prepared for. Mad that now I have to spend part of my day head down hips up to make him flip, or attach earplugs to my lower belly to make him come closer, mad that I have to go back to a chiropracter I use to see but stopped because she wasn't so nice anymore and she is the only one in the area certified in the Webster technique to flip babies, mad that I have to do research to make him flip period. I want my stress free no worries pregnancy back. I know, I know, I have 10 weeks until delivery. plenty of time, but I want him flipped now! Maybe next week I won't be so mad about this :/

A. on Christmas playing with her baby care set.

J. playing with his stamp set.

M. putting on make up

2 sets of cousins, one from NC, one from ID, whom we haven't seen in 3 and 4 years. they went on a Disney cruise then came to stay in Orlando for 4 days so we drove over to see them at The Contempory Hotel and swam in the pool and went out to dinner. It was a great visit, just wish they lived closer.

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Tyggereye said...

Sorry to hear that. Logan didn't turn till 35 weeks. There's still time! *hugs*