Wednesday, December 12, 2007

27/28 week

We had to start our day at the mall doing some finishing up on shopping. A. got to ride the mermaid "hee haw" with her daddy. She was in love!
here she was playing in the booth at the food court....we stopped for pretzel bites, yummy!! I was very happy to see that I had left my camera in the diaper bag.

Anne came yesterday for my appt. I had to eat only protein for breakfast and when she got to my house I had to drink 2 cups of grape juice, way better than glucerna! We did my appt. weight was up 5 lbs, BP normal, A. had to help with the BP cuff and the doppler gel! HB was good, she tried to feel position and she is almost positive he is head down, I feel all the hiccups down bottom but she got the best heartbeat from his back over on my right rib cage. She also gave my belly a mayan massage, said it is too help the ligaments stretch properly and that she has heard that it helps to reduce labor time. She wants me or John to do it did feel good and it did help with my breathing too which has been hard to catch a good breath. A had to help with that too! I need to keep another diet chart this week and we are now on an every 2 week schedule already!!! We also went over what I need to order for my homebirth kit, it's not too bad, only $44 plus I need to get a liner for the aquadoula tub. There are a couple other odds and ends I'll need but I don't need it all until 36 weeks. I am excited to order it just to be prepared but I know I have time! After an hour of doing all that, she drew my blood for GTT and hemoglobin. I see her again right after Christmas and the kids will be out of school...they love to help!

Bought these awhile back and they were under my Christmas present pile...great deal from TCP and they are soft, only $4 each!

M had chosen Tinkerbell to be the angel for the nativity scene! I swear these girls have played with this set more than their doll house lately! Oh and our tree fell in the middle of the night 2 nights ago....scared the crap out of John he jumped out of bed so fast he pulled a muscle! The tree actually looks better this time around pushed all the way into the corner. I blocked the corner too to keep the cat out...I think he was the one who knocked the tree down to start with.

Just had to throw in a picture of lazy J right after school. He was being moody and did not want his picture taken!

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