Wednesday, December 5, 2007

26/27 weeks

Sorry about it being helpers kept knocking the camera! A is obsessed with giving the baby kisses and if she sees my bare belly, she attacks :)
Johnny threw up on the school bus today right before his stop. I had to run to our house from the bus stop to grab kitty litter for the driver to put on it. Not very fun making a pregnant girl run while traffic is backing up!! He said he had a tummy ache and was sent to the office but I never got a call and they just put him on the bus instead @@
John and I have been going crazy every morning this week trying to catch up and finish all the Christmas shopping. I AM SO TIRED. I have been having to stay up late to catch up on all the chores backing up around the house from the daytime. I need a housekeeper during the holidays. Or someone to do all the shopping for me.
Friday I am going to a party for the girls at church, an Italian dinner plus ornament exchange plus cookie exchange....can I say yummy to all! John was supposed to close that night so I asked my parents to keep the kids but now his schedule changed again so he is off! We will probably go out after my party. M starts gymanstics again Saturday morning and J had started last Monday. They have been begging to go again and this is a short month so I went ahead. J says he wants to start karate after Christmas so we need to find a good inexpensive place to sign up. M is just happy with ballet and gym right now.

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