Friday, December 21, 2007

what week am I?

I wish I could say but I think 28/29 weeks. I get 2 different email updates for my 2 different EDDs so I always get confused at how far along I am! I feel so much smaller this time than my last 3 but I know he will sprout out very quickly!

super busy and soooooo tired of being sick! I had a sinus infection 2 weeks ago followed by laryngitis for 4 days followed by another sinus infection. You know I hate going to the dr. and really don't care for antibiotics either but if this is still around after Christmas, I have to go. This is just not going away on its own, grrr.

M's school Christmas party was on Thursday...she had a great time and was happy to sleep in this morning! She went to bed at 6:30 and didn't wake up until after 9 am!!! J's school called me Thursday morning and told me to come get him.....there were some cases of pink eye in his class this week and his teacher said his eyes look bad. When I went to get him they had one speck of crust but I took him to the dr. anyways and got him drops. He is fine today and went to school of a half day and they had holiday activities all day. Tonight we went across the street for a birthday party for Jesus....had pizza and the kids all played then we went caroling around the neighborhood, only to 4 houses. The kids of course had a blast, this is the third year we have done it and there were a lot more kids this year than before. 2 years ago A. was just born and it was freezing....this year, we could've worn shorts.

Tomorrow in the morning we are going over to grandma's house to help her decorate Christmas cookies and then at 1:00, me, M, and my mom are going to the tea room on Ybor City. I have not been to this one before and I think it has been almost a year since even the last time I have been to tea. M is super excited about going! John has to be at the preschool in the morning to help break down the old play ground since the school is getting a new one over the break. The fundraisers were very successful for this $20k play set they are getting.

It is very nice to have been done with shopping early this year. I haven't had the stress that always comes along with it, no worries at all now! My next door neighbor went to the mall today and she said it took her over an hour just to get out of the parking lot!!!!!!

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