Monday, December 17, 2007

My little reindeer....Saturday was the annual Christmas firetruck ride with Santa in the inlaws neighborhood...the same neighborhood they have lived in for 30 years and the same tradition that John and his brother grew up doing. The kids love it and look forward to it every year, especially getting to ride on top of the firetruck. There is also a cookie party afterwards that Santa comes to and gives everyone a gift (one that a parent/grandparent has brought down ahead of time) J and M both got a set of 50 markers and A got a colorwonder Dora set.....they all LOVE them, thanks Bonnie, um I mean Santa :)

I decided I should take some pictures of the itty bitty dipes....I only have 2 kissaluvs....they weren't my favorite last time but they are perfect for taking newborn I bought them right after I found out I was pregnant. It seemed like the thing to do :) In the basket are 10 small fuzzibunz ( all stuffed with MOE inserts) and 2 small magicalls aio, sorry little boy, one is pink that I bought early on! These smalls look so big compared to my other smalls but I know with A she wore them until 3-4 months old.

These are small Baby Soft Dreams pockets...just like the FBs only smaller so these will be perfect for the beginning. I need to find inserts for these.

These were my last to of the new Bummis super brites in small and 2 XS thirsties.....LOVE these thirsties....never had one before but they look like they will be perfect for that runny breastmilk poo. I will definately get more of these in higher sizes. I also have a couple of other old school Bummis, a pull on Bummis, a couple of proraps, a wool aristocrat cover which I'll probably never use, a stacinator so simple cover which looks great, I just don't really "do" fitteds, a couple, dozen infant prefolds, an unknown AIO, the 3 very baby pockets I just posted about, and I think that is it. I feel prepared because I know I love pockets and I'll be doing the bulk of the diaper changing....I wish I could get more VB pockets because John does better with aplix but those I will get in higher sizes. I really just need some inserts.


Tyggereye said...

ooh I love all those dipes. Where did you get that cute Bummis green circle patterned wrap?

angela said... is super fast on shipping. I love Bummis and can't wait to try these with gussets, they look awesome!