Thursday, February 11, 2010


Blood results are in and I am normal! Ha, that's funny!

My overall cholesterol is fine but my LDL is too high and my HDL is too low, confusing huh?!

Thyroid and blood sugar and vitamins are all normal. My bread free days lasted 3 then superbowl party and a birthday party hit me sooooo I am now on day 3 again of no bread. So far so good. Through the course of this most recent experiment, I have learned some very important lessons that I might have otherwise missed: 1. If I start off my day with cereal, I crave a sandwich or pasta for lunch; if I start with eggs, I crave more protein in the day. 2. I CANNOT have just one bite of candy/chocolate/ice cream etc. If I never put it in my mouth to begin with, I actually don't want it and the moment passes. 3. Sugar makes me super cranky, makes me hate myself, and makes me angry towards the kids. 4. Eating a bread product makes my stomach puffy and my pants tight. I am craving a lot of water right now 5. I am actually now following the simply filling program of WW without the cereal/bread; who knew? 6. I have cut down on so many fruits and have replaced those servings with veggies, turns out I was still getting too much natural sugar from fruits. 7. For the first time in many many months I feel in control! That my friends is a major accomplishment!

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Tyggereye said...

Thats good that you are alright. thats weird about your cholesterol. Mine was actually really good on my last bloodwork. My HDL was very high. Like an 87. Total my cholesterol was like 177 or something. I eat everything with olive oil. Its all I cook with. I'm struggling to lose the 7 lbs I put on in the last few months. I told myself I'd never get over 5lbs over my goal weight and I'm at 10 over right now. :( I hate it. I'm having a hard time too. I wish you luck. I hope the cutting out the sugars helps!