Monday, July 2, 2007


Soooo, I couldn't wait until Monday (today) and ended up testing on Saturday night....BFN.

Still no show on AF. My face is breaking out like crazy which it hasn't done in a very long time so hormones must be up high which is good. My fertility friend chart is saying that I ovulated on cd16 and so I am 11 dpo....I always have 25 day cycles and right now it is cd27...I really don't know what to think....maybe hormones aren't high enough for a test or maybe this is just a weird month and af will show?? ANyhow, I am now testing again on Wed, 4th of July, first thing in the morning.

Today, me and the kids went downtown to meet my mom for lunch. We went to Ybor for lunch and the kids split a cuban while we had spanish bean soup and deviled crabs, yummmy! The rain is horrid today. The electricity went off 3 times today at the house and the lightening was so bad. I had to drive 25 mph all the way home the rain was so thick.

Well, John should be on his way home from work and I am thinking pizza hut for dinner will be great tonight! I didn't cook and it doesn't look like it will happen now!

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