Saturday, June 30, 2007

Today is the day

AF is due today and so far she hasn't shown up but it is only 3:30 PM! I am even wondering if she might be delayed because this cycle I starting taking a B complex vitamin which is suppose to lenghten your LP and since I think mine is only 10 days, I figured my chances of ttc would be higher if my LP was longer. I keep telling myself I will give it until Monday to test but I want John to be here for it and he now has to work on Monday@@ He is off Sunday and Wednesday so maybe I'll test tomorrow? If I wait until Wed. and AF hasn't shown I will pretty much know I am pregnant!

We just got back from a double birthday party next door and all 3 kids had a blast! Lots of kids and running around and cake and new toys! Who wouldn't have fun if you were under 4 ft tall!! It was really too hot to be outside so we stayed in for the most part....there was even a bounce house but it was just waaaaaayyyy tooooooo hot! Why oh why did I eat cake and ice cream?? It always makes me feel like crap but I sit there and look at it and it starts talking to me and asking me to eat it. Then I am powerless. And now I feel like crap and talk to myself like crap. Why can't I end this cycle? Am I gonna be this way my whole life, always pissed off at myself for the junk I put into my mouth?

It seriously needs to rain too, my jasmine has all died and the grass is getting brown. Usually now it rains everyday and so far nothing. Everywhere else it doesn't stop raining but here it just won't start!

Tonight we having sushi again for the third time this week and I still love it! John has perfected it now and it so waaaaayyyyy cheaper now for him to make it at home instead of us going out to eat it and spending $100 for one meal! I wish the kids would eat it too. A and M both tasted it but both put it back! Of course J will not even touch it!

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