Thursday, June 28, 2007


I am still feeling pretty blah today. I am feeling so stressed everyday for really no reason. The kids are aggravating each other all day long and I 'm not sure if I am handling it well. I think they are just sick of each other now since they haven't been in school. J hasn't been playing with all his boy friends from school and he is running around all day with all this energy. M just wants some alone time and hasn't been getting it. A is just being A as usual.

John has to work 6 days this week which sucks but at least he will be off on the 4th. J is really looking forward to the parade and fireworks and I made him a calender to do a countdown on where he is Xing the days off until the 4th.

I know what I need....a vacation! We are planning a cruise for Sept but still haven't paid for it so I'm not sure if it will really happen. I want A to be weaned by then so I don't feel mommy guilt too bad for being gone 3 days. We are also talking about going to orlando just the 2 of us for a couple of nights and go to universal and city walk. I think we need a reconnection right now....maybe I should just going ahead and reserve that for our anniversary next month? yeah, I will look into that will give me something to look forward to....there can't you see that blah attitude creeping in again?

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