Wednesday, June 20, 2007

back again

so the last blog I had set was 3 years ago back when I was trying to get pregnant with baby #3....I figured since I am now trying to get preggo again with #4, might as well go at it again, especially since I have zero extra time right now to devote to this.

so, here it goes. A. is now 19 months old and for about 3 months now, I have been ttc. I am so ready for another baby and another pregnancy and another birth, I am beyond excited that I might get to embark on this journey for another time. I have even gone as far as charting my temps and cf everyday so I can see it all take place. Pretty darn sure that 4 kids is enough so I need to savor this from beginning to end :) We hit it dead on this month and since we have not had problems before with ttc, I am praying that this month it worked. I'll let you know in about a week!

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