Saturday, November 24, 2007

24/25 weeks

I am late again so I am just posting now even though I am at 25w. Thanksgiving was great, ate too much but everyone had a good time, esp. the kids. I had my appt with Anne also the other day, I am measuring at 25.5 weeks, heartbeat was in the 140s, weight gain was 5, bp was normal. J and M got to meet Anne for the first time since there was no school and M helped with putting the gel on the doppler. Baby has been getting hiccups a lot so lungs are starting to work :) Next appt I will have my iron checked, I am sure it is low, and my GTT. She is also going to give me all the info to order my birth kit!!! How exciting!! We did stop into a baby shop last week and found a solid cherry crib for $125....I had to get it because it was such a great price and we really needed a new one. A never had one and she took all her naps in the playpen but it was hard and she always would wake up on the trip to the ground :) So I wanted a new one for baby boy and I got mom also bought me a new bedding set for the crib for my was all I could think of that I wanted! I will post pictures after we set it up.

We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for Fort Widerness for 3 days to stay in the RV. We will be at Disney for my Birthday on Monday and then do some shopping Tuesday...I want to see Ikea which they just opened 2 weeks ago....never been to one and I am looking forward to it!

I am getting close to finishing my Christmas shopping and that cc is already ready for me to be done! Maybe in the next week we can put up our lights outside and hopefully get a tree in the next 2 weeks.

When we get back from Disney I will update some more :)

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