Friday, November 2, 2007

21 weeks

Yes, I am behind. It has been a very busy week with something going on every single day. But I'm not complaining, I love it!
Here is my 21 week picture. Not sure if you can see but the stretch marks are really starting to pop out again. I wonder if this baby will add more to the mix, most likely!

Here are the kids getting ready to go Trick or treating in my in laws neighborhood. Our neighborhood is only 32 houses and most of the kids around us leave to go to their churches so we always go over there. M is dressed s Ariel, A is a monkey although she was called a boy(even though I put a big yellow bow on one of the ears!), a lion, and scooby doo, and
J is a transformer. John and I didn't dress up this year although I should've been a big pumpkin!

Here is M in her class for her fall festival party. It was such a nice day and she did all the activities and seemed to have a good time. She really just liked having me all to herself for a couple hours!

We always go to the same pumpkin patch every year for some nice pictures at sunset. This year and last year we didn't go until the day before Halloween so they didn't have much to choose from nor enough for the kids to sit on. At least they had their hay stack still up. It is near impossible to get 3 kids to all look at the camera at the same time esp. without making weird faces but we keep trying.

We had J's bday party at our house on Sunday and we scaled down on the number of people we invited and it turned out so much nicer. We kept it short and sweet and did a halloween theme which was cool to decorate for. Here are some spooky deviled eggs that I didn't want to make because they were so time consuming but John insisted and I am glad he did, they were a big hit.

Here you can see calzones looking like mummies and in the back is monster toes(pigs in a blanket) and a caterpillar which was meatballs wrapped in biscuits with legs and eyeballs to complete the look. We also had punch with a hand floating in that was just a glove that we stuffed with gummy worms and ice and froze it so it would float. The kids loved it. I also did this for M's class party but I think it freaked out all the 4 year olds more so!

The kids were so nicely making halloween frames in the backyard.

For John's 30th birthday, we went to Orlando where I surprised him with a helicopter ride over Disney parks, malls, sea world, all the nice hotels etc. Nito came down and went with him. John rode over the whole time with a blindfold because he wanted to be surprised. He was! he said it was awesome so I did good this year! It's hard to surprise him! Afterwards we went to Old Town where everyone met up with us and had dinner then walked around and all the kids go to ride rides. It was a beautiful night and all were exhausted on the way home!

Me, A, and John with his cake Bonnie made him.

My kids and Lauren and PopPop

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