Thursday, October 11, 2007

18 weeks

Can you see it?!!! A penis!!!!!!!

We have a perfectly formed baby! All parts are in the right places and working as they should! And here is my belly today.

I was so nervous this morning and so afraid we would get cancelled or moved back or something would be wrong with the insurance....AND I had to pee soooooooooo bad! They were really only 20 behind but when you have to pee, that is a long time! The tech spent probably 30 minutes measuring everything and taking pictures and then asked if we cared about the gender. I had thought I saw a penis a couple of times but was thinking that was positive thinking and I was just wishing there was one! Sure enough she went between the legs and there it was, plain as day! I was so happy I started crying and if you know me, I don't cry about much but this was so overwhelming. I knew I wanted another boy but didn't realize I wanted one so badly. I had had a feeling since after A was born that I was meant to have another boy and now that premonition is coming true....I am beyond blessed :*)

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Tyggereye said...

Yeah congrats!!! Leo will have a friend who's a boy to play with!! :)

Any name ideas yet??