Friday, August 1, 2008

At the beach

This is the view that I got to wake up to every morning. We had a great condo, right on the intercoastal waterway with an entrance directly out to the pool. All the bedrooms had water views. Ahhh, it was lovely :)

We spent most of our time back and forth between the beach and the pool. We headed over to watch the sunset and Madeline wanted to go again because she said it was so quiet and peaceful. She loved posing for the camera too.

My in laws' 7 grandkids....7 of them in 6 years and John only has one brother! There is Nicholas, Ava, Ian, Johnny, Lauren, Ryan (Nick's twin), and Madeline. Hard, hard, hard to get a picture like this!

They just look like trouble, don't they?!! They turn 2 next week and they are a major handful but so lovable and adorable. I always wanted to have twins!

Johnny trying to use his kickboard as a surfboard....too bad we're on the wrong coast for surfing!
One afternoon we drove about 10 minutes away to John's is shops and restaurants on a pass. A bit touristy but the kids look forward to it because they know they get ice cream whenever we go, a real luxury for them!

There was a brand new shop on the pass that had candy and ice cream...they still wanted ice cream but I had to get marshmellows dipped in chocolate on a stick, one of my favorite treats, yum.

Decisions, decisions

Man, how do I love that boy, a 4 month old who has stolen my heart

They all went night fishing out on the dock outside our condo...Madeline was the only one to catch anything! Sorry, my camera bites in the dark.


Cheli said...

Looks like fun was had by all and Kudos to you for getting almost all 7 kids looking at the camera!

angela said...

yeah, it only took 6 picture tries ti get one half way decent!

Laurie said...

I live 10 minutes from John's Pass! I wish I would have known you were thre maybe we could have met! :)