Saturday, July 26, 2008

Going again

We take a lot of little small vacations if you haven't noticed. Local areas and only for a few days but they are enough to be refreshed. John works as a restaurant manager so his days off are always varied and never a typical weekend. It makes for a very unstructured week but we always write on our big kitchen calender when he works so the kids know more of what to expect.

Saying that, we are leaving this afternoon to go to the beach for 4 days! We always go on vacation this week in July because it is our anniversary (7 years!!) and John's dad's birthday. We always have a family vacation with them and sometimes John's brother's family will come too. It is only an hour away at Indian Shores but the beaches are private and beautiful and we love it there! So expect a lot of pictures this week :)

7 years. wow. Don't they say there is a 7 year itch? What exactly does that mean? After 7 years you are tired of your spouse and explore other options? Why 7 years? I see it happen to folks married for one year....or 30. I don't like the saying and there is no way in hell that is happening in our house. John is perfect for me, he may not always understand me but who will ever understand women, we don't even understand ourselves! He never picks fights and squelches me when I try. He is kind and selfless and strong and amazingly ambitious. His children look up to him and worship him. He is a pretty good guy all around! I couldn't imagine anyone who would be more perfect for me :))


Claire said...

That is so very sweet! I hope you guys enjoyed your anniversary!

angela said...

Thanks Claire, we did....we went out to dinner together to a great beach bar and got to actually carry on a conversation! Ian slept on John's arm the whole dinner :)