Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lots o'pictures

Finally ordered Ian an amber necklace from Inspired By Finn. The one and only color that I wanted was out in the smaller sizes so his is too big for him but I have been keeping it tucked into his shirts anyways so they are fine. He doesn't even seem to notice it but I think it might be doing some good, he hasn't been as fussy A little bit of lovin
Lot o'cheese
I did have permission to post this picture....we call it peas on the deez. John had his Big V done on Wednesday and he is still pretty swollen and black and blue down under but he is feeling better. He did have a couple of weird days on the Vicoden but is off those nasty things now!
Yes, we went back to Disney Ft. Wilderness again. Man, I love Disney too much, I could be a bit obsessed, I would go every weekend if we could. Madeline actually let me take her picture this time at the Campfire singalong! Ava calls them "Chicken Dale" and I let her because it's too cute and soon enough she'll say it right and it won't be cute anymore :( I ate too many smores :( Not looking forward to my weigh in Monday morning!
Me and the kids (John was in bed with peas on his deez our whole trip, yes it was planned that way, I figured I could entertain the kids better there than I could at home if I was going to be a single parent for 3 days) we went for a bus ride to see the petting farm and the horses they rent out for rides. We got stuck out in a massive thunder/rain storm so we found a nice place under cover and I taught them how to play checkers. Madeline didn't really care so I gave her my camera to take pictures of Ava and J and I played instead. It was pretty cool.
Rain, rain go away
Waking up in the RV on the pull out sofa
Naked heiny butt....he peed on my bed while I was taking this picture

I thought I would try out the bath seat to see if it worked out any better than the infant tub. Not so good, he just can't hold himself up well enough and kept falling to the side and trying to get all the toys. He did love it though!
He was smiling at Ava
"I'm a G money"
Another first in the same day as the bath. I stuffed a blanket in front so he wouldn't be so floppy but he was strong enough to push himself backwards. He loves being upright with the kids now. Ava loves to push him across the floor too!

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