Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th of July

My in laws neighborhood had a bike parade for all the kids to show off their spirit. The kids had a good time decorating their bikes and the wagon. Too bad this is the last time they were to ride these....everything was stolen out of the back of the truck when PopPop stopped at the store to buy ice. I really hoped that guy just needed to bikes to make his kids happy. That would make me feel better about it because my kids needed new bigger bikes anyways so this just speeded up us buying them. I am still mad about the wagon though.

AND Ian's bouncy seat was inside the wagon for the parade @@ We've had this seat since M was born!

This was how Ian watched the parade!
Our town does a parade for 4th of July, nothing fancy, mainly churches, schools etc with some floats but my kids have gone every year and they love it....all the beads and candy and seeing it all, they look forward to it the same way they look forward to Christmas!

We set up a canopy and a tent next to each other to get out of the sun. It did help out with the heat a bit. Plus we had coolers and ice cold watermelon, yum! The little boy is our neighbor next door, then Grandma holding Ava and of course Madeline.

He did wake up to watch some of the parade.

Tall, medium, peanut ;)

We ended our day with a cookout at the neighbors and gave the kids a good fireworks show (although I think the men enjoyed it even more ;P~)

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