Thursday, July 3, 2008

I always feel like I never post enough pictures of Johnny. He is always busy, too busy to be hanging around on the couch holding a baby. He always make silly faces too...or too serious faces. It is hard to catch the real him in photo. Anyways, here is is grinning toothless sitting on the couch holding a baby.
He is so thankful that I gave him a brother. He is tired of girls although I will say he does understand them and all their weird moods really well for being a 6 year old boy. He gets it and knows when to stay far, far away...or aggravate to the highest degree. He just got a lecture on aggravating a very moody 4 year old girl. He likes to make her scream and I abhor to hear her scream. It really pushes my buttons more than any other noise around here. She screams really really loudly. She talks really really loudly. She ALWAYS wakes the sleeping baby. I can't make her talk/scream anymore quietly so poor Johnny gets the lecture on aggravating the screaming 4 year old. Did I tell you he is very grateful to me for giving him a brother?

A rare pretty good picture of the 4 monkeys

Man, I love my husband for having blue eyes and giving me blue eyed babies

Ahh, he wanted that football so bad he could taste it. Or actually wanted to taste it but couldn't figure out how to use his hands to pick up something that big. Johnny gave him the football so they could start practicing. My heart melts. Did I tell you yet he was grateful to me for that brother? Just kidding, it IS getting annoying.

Not a very proud moment to put in my mommy moment journal. At least they were using the recycle bin that we fill every week, actually we have 3 that we fill every week.

Yes, that is my 6 year old giving my 2 year old a tramp stamp on her back. And I can call it that because I have one too. No, I wasn't a tramp (IMO) but I did tend to follow the crowd and it was cool,

He is very attached to his tattoo gun. He sells his art. $0.50 for me and daddy, free if you are under 7. I currently have a lizard on my arm and an anchor on my wrist. Yeah, I'm still cool.


Molly C. said...

Lmao at the tat pic. I have tats on either side of where the tramp stamp would go- an Orca Whale, and the Japanese symbol for Child with 4 blue footprints around it. I need to go get another footprint added for Joshua.

That's awful that the kids bikes were stolen. :( We've lost a few bikes (all Sams) over the years, from being stolen.

The pic of Ian looking in the mirror is adorable! You grow some good looking kids. :)

angela said...

ahh, thanks! I do have another tattoo in the planning stages, just trying to get the time away to get it done!