Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our week of vacation :)

When I put all the pictures in here they were all out of order and I don't have the energy right now to rearrange them! Sorry! I will go through them all and walk you through our fabulous vacation!
Baby Ian was stretching while we were waiting for the dolphin show at Sea World to start. He spent most of the day sleeping in the sling so it was his chance to move those limbs around.

Picture opp right before the Shamu show. It was a super hot day!

This was when we first got to the park and were watching the baby dolphins. Ahhh, the shade!

It rained on us quite a few times throughout the week and we had planned more than once to do a campfire. This night it was thundering and raining pretty hard so John made a little fire in a pie pan and we did smores right outside the RV.

In the kitchen of the RV

The kids were throwing around a squishy lightbulb and Johnny threw it up at the perfect time!

Ian's first time in the pool! I didn't want to put sunscreen on him so he was in and out in about 3 minutes. he didn't really care for how bright it was anyways.

Look, a rare picture of a mommy! We were watching the baby dolphins....did you know baby dolphins nurse for 18m-2yrs about every 2-3 hours around the clock! Mama dolphins must be sleepy!

The boys
We didn't do the Magic Kingdom this trip but we still had to ride the monrail. It is easy to get to from the campgrounds and the view of the castle is still enough to excite the kids even if it is a drive by. We also got to see the night fireworks 2 nights in a row...the first night we watched from the boat dock at the campgrounds and the 2nd night from the front of the Contemporary resort across the street from thr park. They were still beautiful!

Johnny hugging Dale at the sing a long and campfire. madeline would have no part in taking a picture with him! Ava loved him!

Madeline eating a smore! I ate way too many of these while at the campgrounds (hence why I skipped my weigh in Monday morning!)

Johnny around the huge bonfire

Waiting for Chip and Dale's sing a long campfire to start. We were actually early for something and got good seats

Madeline (whom just had swim lessons as to why she is in a bathing suit!) and Ava showing off their tomatoes from their garden. They are so proud when they can finally pick some

John, his dad, and Johnny made a small baseball field in the backyard (theirs). Johnny had a blast hitting balls with them and is actually very good!

My little blue eyed butterball

Poor thing! We went over to a friend's house Sunday for a cook out and swimming and the kids were playing with the squishy hat thing. We had to try it on Ian! he didn't cry but it made his head heavy and hard to hold up! It was off right after the pictures were taken.

And another rare picture of me! This was the girls on the monorail. Our last day of vacation :(

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