Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer, summer, summertime

Ava started gymnastics at the YMCA on Saturday and had the best time. It is a parent/child class until they are 3 and I think she was the oldest in there and definately the best ;) She was very receptive to all the instruction the teacher gave her and she listened and did what the teacher said. She was very happy to be in there especially the pit.
And this is me post baby. I have lost 12 lbs already on weight watchers and have another 18 to go to be pre-Ian. Slowly but surely IT will come off!

Ava jumping the colors

Lauren (their cousin), Madeline, and Ava playing dress up like a princess. We went down to their house on Saturday for swimming and dinner. My kids loving going there esp. to swim since we don't have a pool. They all had a wonderful time and fell asleep on the way home (except for Ian who literally screamed the whole 25 minutes it took to get home)

All the kids lined up...Ava, twims Nick and Ryan, Johnny, Lauren, Ian, Madeline.....7 grandkids in 6 years!!!

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