Friday, June 13, 2008

3 months old today!!!

He loves to hold onto blankets and burp cloths especially to chew on. He has started drooling like crazy too which I suspect is the starting of teeth. Yes, my kids have always gotten their first teeth early! Notice the cute dipples on his short chubby legs?

How about the love handles rolling over his diaper?

LOVE those rolls!

Daddy getting ready to go to work holding the chunky dunk.

Johnny lost his 2 front teeth at the same time!! Actually Ava knocked them out when they were wrestling around, they were pretty loose. He was very proud especially to get more money from the tooth fairy. He still kinda believes there is one, but I think he really knows it's us!

We are leaving for vacation on Monday and won't be back until Friday so no pictures/updates until then...and then I'll unload them all on you! Not too far from us, we are staying in an R.V. at Fort WIlderness...camping Disney style, no tents for us here! We have been probably 10+ times in the last 3 years and the kids just love it there. They do campfires every night with smores and songs with Chip and Dale and then they play a Disney movie outdoors on a big screen. We are right across from the pool which is great and then we take our bikes too and tour around. PLUS they have a marina where you can take the boat over to Disney or the Contempory hotel and we plan on watching the fireworks down there one night. We are not hitting the parks this trip because of money/crowds but we will go to SeaWorld one day because we have passes. We will be meeting a couple of our friends there too to spend the day together. I am super excited about this trip and especially because John will have 9 days off in a row, something he has never had before.

If I don't update again in the next couple of days, I'll see you next week ;)

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