Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting ready to go...again

No this isn't our RV but oh my word, do I wish it was!!!! Something new....the whole side of the RV flips down and creates a porch!! They had 2 and one had the kitchen leading out onto the "veranda"<<<>>> maybe someday...this one was only $780,000

We are leaving Friday again for vacation! Okay, okay, this will be our last vacation, at least for this summer! And it's only for Friday through Sunday.....John, Ian, and I are going to the beach with a couple of our friends who live down the street from us. From what I understand, it is a house on the beach which is beautiful so I am really looking forward to it! The 3 other whittles will be spending the weekend with the grandparents and we will meet up with them Sunday afternoon for a birthday party for our twin nephews. I promise, no more vacation for at least another couple of months :P~

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