Thursday, August 28, 2008

5 years old

I just want to apologize in advance for the horrible quality of the following pictures but I wanted them in anyways. My scanner will no cooperate with me today and back in the day when these were taken (okay, 5 years ago) we did not own a digital camera soooooooo I had to take a pictures of pictures. That equals blur and glare. But anyways.

Madeline was very bruised when she was born because she was pushed out so quickly. At that time I was so done with being in labor (read pain) and she was out in 2 pushes....a bit too fast for an almost 10 pound baby! Poor thing looked beat up for days. What did remain was a angel kiss that is in the middle of her forehead and you can still see it now especially when she coughs or cries.

She was always complimented on her beautiful skin color and perfectly blue from me, eyes from daddy.

She was always my girly girly too......LOVES dresses, bracelets, getting her hair done, and wearing nail polish and make-up. I argue with her now because she wants to wear my makeup all the time but gosh darn it it's too expensive and she's only 4 (now 5!)

This picture hangs on the wall over my desk and it just speaks volumes about Madeline. Such a free spirit, always dancing, hair flowing behind her, eyes sparkling. A lot of people call her a little hippie :) Yeah, that makes me proud ;P~

And here she is as an official 5 year old at recess at school (John and I took in cupcakes for the class) This age is pretty big too her, she thinks she can conquer the world now!

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